15 Amp GFCI Breaker Keeps Tripping! (Fixed)

A 15 amp GFCI breaker is supposed to offer refined performance, consistency, and complete safety once set up.

Unfortunately, it’s common for a GFCI breaker to not function the way it’s supposed to. This creates a situation where the 15 amp GFCI breaker keeps tripping.

If a 15 amp GFCI breaker keeps tripping, the most common reasons include a faulty outlet, overloading, or an issue with the grounding. To fix the issue, shut off the power supply, remove the GFCI outlet, tighten the wires, check for damage, and reset the breaker.

In some cases, you might have to replace one of the wires and/or the GFCI breaker. This happens if there is too much moisture near the outlet or one of the wires has burned.

This is more common with aging GFCI breakers due to the natural wear and tear these components deal with.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few steps you can follow when a 15 amp GFCI breaker keeps tripping.

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How To Fix 15 Amp GFCI Breaker That Keeps Tripping

1. Shut Off The Power Supply

If a 15 amp GFCI breaker trips, you will want to shut off the power supply.

The reason to turn off the power running to the breaker is to make sure you have full access to the component.

There is no reason to begin taking off the GFCI breaker or making adjustments when electricity is still flowing to the component. This is dangerous and it is an unnecessary risk for you to take.

This is why the first thing you are going to want to do is head to the breaker panel.

You will want to turn off the power going to that specific part of the property by toggling the tab to the off position.

15 amp gfci breaker keeps tripping

2. Inspect For Water Damage

You will now want to look for water damage around the part.

It is common for moisture in the room to begin affecting the GFCI breaker. This is due to excess moisture damaging the breaker’s performance and also potentially impacting the wiring inside.

The best option is to make sure there is no water in or around the GFCI breaker.

Eventually, when you take off the GFCI breaker by unscrewing it, you are also going to want to check for water damage on the wires.

If there is water damage, the GFCI breaker will have to be replaced. You will also need to set up a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air.

3. Take Off The GFCI Breaker

The next step is to take off the GFCI breaker.

There will be two screws that are going to be set up where the part is. This can vary depending on the type of component you are using and its size.

Take off the screws and put them aside. Remember, you will need them to put the GFCI breaker back into place once you are done.

15 amp gfci breaker keeps tripping

4. Tighten The Wires & Re-Install The GFCI Breaker

You are now going to inspect the wires in the GFCI breaker.

The goal is to see what is causing the 15 amp GFCI breaker to trip. This can include a loose or damaged wire that is connecting the GFCI breaker to the main circuit.

Tighten each wire after you inspect it to make sure nothing is loose.

You are then going to re-install the GFCI breaker as soon as you are done.

5. Reset The Circuit

The last step is to reset the circuit.

If you have to change the GFCI breaker, this is the best time to do so. You should keep the power off and swap out the GFCI breaker as soon as possible.

Once done, you are going to reset the circuit and make sure everything is in working condition.

This is done by going to the breaker panel and toggling the tab to the on position for that part of the property.

This should send power to the room.

How Do I Stop My 15 Amp Breaker From Tripping?

To stop a 15 amp breaker from tripping, it’s best to inspect the breaker, reduce moisture in the room, reduce the load on the breaker, and check for potential damage. This can help prevent the breaker from tripping constantly.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps when figuring out how to fix a 15 amp GFCI breaker that keeps tripping.

To fix a 15 amp GFCI breaker that keeps tripping, start by turning off the power to the room. Inspect the part for water damage, remove the faceplate, tighten the wires, and check for relevant damage such as burns or fraying.

You will always want to be aware of how the component is set up and how it ages. This is a must.

The steps here will go a long way in making sure the breaker is reset and works as planned.

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