17 Creative Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

Hanging Racks In Closets

Closets are not supposed to be a part of the house where you dump items.

It’s important to plan properly and use all of the space available in there and make sure it looks neat too.

For this to happen, you are going to want to take advantage of a good hanging rack. Set it up inside the closet and ensure it helps store more accessories without taking up too much space.

Use Corner Shelves

If you take the time to look around, you are going to notice the corners of your home.

These corners are often left empty.

What if you took the time to fill them a bit? This is where the value is going to shine through and you are going to get a chance to set up a corner shelf.

Corner shelves are empowering and add real value.

Decorative Storage Baskets

These are specialized baskets.

You are going to be using them for smaller items that can be put inside without looking out of place.

Use Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are powerful in smaller spaces.

Vertical space is important as most people only focus on what is on the ground. Set up wall shelves and make sure to put items on them.

You will be surprised as to how much space can be generated with these wall shelves in smaller spaces.

Use Jars

Smaller items tend to fall all over the place and get in the way.

Don’t let this happen.

Look at investing in small jars you can place around the desk or other parts of the home. You can then put items in there that you are going to want when you are in that part of the home.

Use Cabinet Racks

Cabinets are wonderful and you can invest in racks for them.

These racks are wonderful whether you are in the kitchen or somewhere else. The idea is to set up the rack inside the cabinet and then store items on it.

It’s simple and effective.

Stack Your Plates

We don’t like mixing and matching plates because they are much harder to stack.

Get a complete set and use this to your advantage.

You are going to want to find a spot in your pantry or somewhere in your home to stack these plates. This will save a lot of space.

Use Open Shelves

Open shelves are underrated in smaller homes.

You are going to want to consider the layout of your room and see if one of these open shelves is going to work well.

The idea is you can slide items onto these shelves and then access them as you want.

Use The Under-Sink Space

Whether this is the bathroom or your kitchen, it’s important to use every inch that’s available to you right away.

This is going to include the under-sink space.

You should fill this space with a cabinet and use it as storage. Most will already have this and you can even set up a rack in there if necessary.

Use Baskets

Baskets are a wonderful option because you are going to save quite a bit of space instantly.

It’s a simple solution that’s going to do the trick.

You can use these baskets for towels or blankets depending on where you are putting them.

Use A Storage Trunk

Storage trunks have been around for a long time and good reason!

They work well.

You can place so many items in them and then put the storage trunk away. Not only is it good for organizing items in the home but will also keep them safe.

Use The Fridge

The fridge is one of those spots most people are not going to look at beyond getting food to eat.

Yes, the fridge itself is an important appliance but what about its surrounding area? Have you taken the time to use it to your advantage?

Look at using the space beside the fridge and fill it with items. You can put a lot more than you would imagine in there.

Desk Organizers

Organizers are essential.

You are going to want them for all types of elements in the home. For example, this can include paperwork, stationary, and/or other items around the desk.

Set one of these organizers up depending on how you want to use it. This can also include an organizer in the drawer.

File Organizer

File organizers are powerful.

Most people are going to have a lot of paperwork around their home. Put it all in one place with the help of these organizers.

They are neat, efficient, and are going to declutter your space.

Use An Ottoman

Ottomans have long been regarded for their coziness, beauty, and elegance.

We love them.

Ottomans add value to your room and also offer more storage space in a smaller room. You can put a lot of items in there including blankets, books, and more.

Storage Coffee Table

Don’t go with a traditional coffee table.

Go with one that has a storage element to it.

These are good because they are going to look clean and you are going to be able to open them up a bit to store items.

Drawers On Desk

Desks tend to get cluttered.

We would look at adding drawers to a desk and making sure it works well when it comes to opening up space.

This is an effective solution to keep the desk tidier.