28 Best Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights And Vines

Seeking the ultimate inspiration for creating a stunning aesthetic room vibe?

The world of bedroom decor has soared to new heights, boasting distinctive elements including wall collages, ivy vines, unique colors, and an array of other innovative concepts.

And the best part? These bedroom decor concepts are surprisingly friendly on the wallet!

Let’s take a look at the top aesthetic rooms with LED lights.

Best Rooms With LED Lights And Ivy Vines

Green Collage

We find the pink collage design to be tremendously beautiful.

It’s easy on the eyes and can be used with the help of a simple pink collage kit. You are going to want to set up the arrangement in a way to help optimize the look of the bedroom and it can be done based on your desired theme.

Green is just one version.

Rose Vines

Rose vines are a unique decorative element that helps elevate a room’s natural beauty.

You are going to help highlight those core details that are going to draw you in and showcase the overall charm of this type of bedroom decor.

We adore this look and you can set up the pink rose vines around the room to help elevate its beauty.

Neon Sign

The neon sign is always a winner and it’s going to be easy on the eyes too!

We like how the neon sign shines in the bedroom and it’s going to help modernize the overall ambiance of the bedroom too.

This is quite aesthetic once it’s in place.

Printing Flyers

Imagine a bedroom that has been designed with the use of flyers.

A lot of people are not going to think about this but the overall aesthetic of the room is going to stand out as soon as you do this.

We were blown away by how beautiful it turned out.

You are going to want to print out the flyers one by one and then put them up as a collage. The aesthetic is going to be tremendous.

Wall Collage Plus Mirror

It’s nice to go with a classical design such as a wall collage to go along with a beautiful mirror.

We often recommend this for those who do have a great mirror in the bedroom.

You can use this as the focal point with the help of the wall collage.

Vinyl Wall Decor

Are you a fan of vinyl records?

If so, you are going to want to take the time to look into this type of wall decor. It’s always pleasing to be able to enjoy something like this because it’s so unique.

Pick up vinyl records and start setting them up for the aesthetic room look you are going for.

Ivy Vines

This is a charming design with the use of ivy vines (fake ones!) that are neatly set up to accentuate the room’s aura.

We adore this look and find it to be appealing for those who are hoping to visually bolster their setup.

Draped Vines

The way you set up the vines in a bedroom is going to dictate how beautiful it looks once everything is said and done.

We have taken a long time to focus on this over the years and want to ensure it stands out as required.

Draped vines are breathtaking and you are going to be in awe of how they turn out as soon as things are set up.

We could not be happier with the overall charm of these vines and how they turn out.

Pink Aesthetic Wall Collage

Photo collages can end up looking outstanding as soon as you set things into motion and that’s what we love about them.

You are going to appreciate their natural elegance.

You can choose a different color for the collage as long as there is harmony between what you are doing.

LED Lights + Vines

Most people are going to be decorating a bedroom using vines or LED lights.

It’s rare to see them do both, which is why it’s time to look at this potential option. It’s going to stand out and look comfortable at the same time.

We adore this look and it’s quite welcoming too!

String Lights With Photos

String lights are quite fancy and can be done in a way where everything begins to stand out as you want it to.

We took the time to look into clipped photos with string lights.

This is how you are going to help optimize the look of the bedroom while being creative.

Rose Garlands

This is a specific design where you are going to be using rose garlands and attempting to help the bedroom decor stand out.

We found this to be charming as well.

It’s easy on the eyes and the rose is going to help look welcoming too.

Photo Clip String Lights

Imagine being able to set up string lights that are spread throughout the bedroom.

You are now going to take clips and then attach pictures to these lights. The overall aesthetic is going to blow you away and stand out because of how personalized it is.

This is what we love about this type of aesthetic room decor.

Curtain String Lights

String lights can be managed differently, and we take the time to look at curtain string lights here.

These string lights are breathtaking.

You are going to appreciate the string lights being set up in a way where they are set along the curtain.

It will elevate the aesthetic of the bedroom instantly.

LED Lights

LED lights in a bedroom are aesthetically appealing.

You are not going to be disappointed by their vibrant appearance as soon as they are set up and you are going to appreciate their beauty.

It’s outstanding to be able to enjoy something like this and make the most of it.

We love this aesthetic and find it to be quite appealing. Use LED strip lights to make the room come to life.

Neon LED Lights

This is one of those spicy looks where you are going to be taking a risk but it is going to turn out great as soon as everything is turned on.

Neon LED lights are super underrated.

They look great and are going to make the bedroom pop as soon as you put up the neon signs.


A lot of people don’t look into this option when it comes to aesthetic bedroom decor but we have taken the time to list this as an option.

This is a wonderful idea.

In this case, you will set up the tapestry throughout the room with the help of string lights.

This is going to help open up visual space in the bedroom and also make it appealing.

Blue Wall Collage Kit

We know each person is going to have a unique view of what is beautiful and what’s not when it comes to a wall in a bedroom.

In this case, we are going to look at a blue wall collage.

The collage kit is going to be focused on the color blue and is going to maintain this theme. It is remarkably modern and you are going to get to personalize the overall ambiance of the bedroom with the color choice.

Flower String Lights

These are gorgeous string lights that are designed to look homely and comfortable.

Flower string lights are a great option for those who want LED lights.

They are going to be easy to tailor based on your vision for the room. The placement can also be optimized based on what you want.

Starry Decor

Imagine walking into a room with glowing stars.

This is what you are going to see when you walk into an aesthetic bedroom with the use of these specific design elements.

The stars are going to glow in the dark and are going to help amplify the look of the bedroom.

Versatile LED Lighting

It’s one thing to use LED lights and another to go with something that will change on the go.

This is what we mention when it comes to versatile LED lights.

These are lights that are going to change colors throughout the day. You can also change the colors based on the vibe you are going for at that moment.

Projector Decor

Projectors are a new-age option where you are going to help project a specific design onto the wall or the rest of the room.

One option would be to have a specific design such as the stars projected onto the wall.

This works well and it is going to help the bedroom stand out too.

Simple Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestry is always pleasant on the eyes.

You are going to be looking for something simple and easy to manage. This is going to depend on the look you are going for but the simple wall tapestry is going to be ideal for beginners.

We like this as a good starting point.

Ivy Vines Plus Mirror

This particular look goes with the help of a star piece in the form of a mirror.

The mirror has to be grand for this to work.

You are going to take the fake vines and wrap them around the mirror to help accentuate its look. We adore this because it’s aesthetic and cozy at the same time.

Personalized Neon Sign

Neon signs are good, but sometimes you will want something more personalized.

This includes looking for a neon sign that is unique to the bedroom or your life. You can pick and choose what the words are as long as they match the rest of the bedroom.

Ceiling Strip Lights

These strip lights are a good option for those who want a more noticeable setup where the eye is going to go to the strip lights.

With this design, you are going to have the strip lights set up with the ceiling.

This is going to look pretty and it’s going to be ideal for lighting up the space too.

Curtain Vines Behind The Bed

This particular look is all about accentuating the look of the bed in the bedroom.

You are going to want to showcase the bed with the help of the fake vines. They are going to wrap around the curtain and help showcase this as the centerpiece.