How To Fit 33 Inch Fridge in 36 Inch Opening? (Step-By-Step!)

Moving a 33 inch fridge requires dexterity, attention to detail, and a bit of hard work.

Instead of attempting to wedge the fridge between a tight opening, it’s highly recommended to do your homework and measure everything.

This is key as you learn how to fit a 33 inch fridge in a 36 inch opening.

To fit a 33 inch fridge in a 36 inch opening, start by using moving straps to keep the fridge steady. You will then measure the height and width of the fridge. This includes the depth of the fridge if it has to be moved base first through the opening. Once everything is measured, seal the fridge door shut to ensure it doesn’t open during the move and then begin lifting the fridge in a straight line. This will ensure it goes through a tight opening.

You have to be patient during this process.

In some cases, you will have to take the fridge with its base facing forward. This happens when the door handle is sticking out and making it difficult to take through the opening properly.

This is why measuring everything is a must. It will let you know whether or not you can take the fridge standing up.

This article will shed light on what to do when moving a 33″ fridge through a 36″ opening.

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Tips For Fitting 33 Inch Fridge In 36 Inch Opening

1. Use Moving Straps

To move a 33 inch fridge, you will want to have the right tools in hand.

Some people will attempt to use a trolley but that is unnecessary. It’s okay to move the fridge using nothing more than straps.

These straps are going to be easy to set up and will ensure the appliance moves in a straight line without requiring undue force.

2. Measure Height and Width of Opening

You will now begin to measure everything.

This includes the height of the appliance, depth, and width. You need a good read on how large the fridge is and whether or not it’s going to fit through the opening.

Since you know it is a 36″ opening, you can then begin to work on fitting the fridge through that part of the property.

Measure everything twice to ensure it does not get wedged and stuck later on!

3. Seal the Door Shut

Now you will want to prep the fridge.

This includes sealing the door shut to ensure it does not swing open and hit the walls. This is common when you are moving a 33″ fridge to a new spot.

The goal should be to tie the door and ensure it does not budge during the move. This applies to any other door or opening that is present with the fridge.

You will also want to tie the cord to ensure it does not trip you during the move.

33 inch fridge in 36 inch opening

4. Move in a Straight Line

The last step is to move in a straight line.

Now, there are two options you are going to have to think about before moving in a straight line. Are you going to move it facing upwards or is going to go base first (i.e. bottom of the fridge). This depends on your measurements.

If you feel it can go standing up then attempt to take it that way.

Since you have an additional 3 inches (1.5 inches on each side), you will want to account for this before the move.

If it will not go standing up, you can likely take it with the base going into the opening first. This is why measuring the depth of the appliance is mandatory.

What Size Opening Do I Need For A 33 Inch Refrigerator?

You will require at least a 35 inch opening for a 33 inch refrigerator. This is a bare minimum due to the fridge needing clearance from both sides of at least an inch. It is recommended to measure everything before attempting a move such as this to avoid having it get stuck.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps when moving a 33 inch fridge in a 36 inch opening.

To move a 33 inch fridge through a 36 inch opening, it’s important to invest in moving straps and measure the height, depth, and width of the fridge. This will ensure you move the fridge in a straight line whether it’s standing up or going base first. Make sure to tie the door handle to ensure the door does not swing open.

This is essential when it comes to taking your time and ensuring things are done the right way.

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