I Accidentally Flushed Clorox Wipe! (Fixed)

It is always nice to use a Clorox wipe because it’s effective, fast-acting, and versatile.

While the benefits of Clorox wipes are extensive, it’s still important to know how to discard them appropriately.

This can create a situation where you accidentally flushed Clorox wipes down the toilet.

If you accidentally flushed a Clorox wipe, check to see if the drain is clogged. If it is, insert a plunger and attempt to unclog the toilet. If this does not work, use a drain snake to dig deeper and loosen the wipes.

In most cases, the Clorox wipe will go into the drain without clogging it.

If you flush multiple Clorox wipes then this can create a real issue. When this occurs, you will want to start with a plunger as that might be enough to push the Clorox wipes down the drain.

The last step will be to use a drain snake as that will be enough to dig deeper into the drain.

This article will provide a few steps you can follow if you accidentally flushed a clorox wipe.

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Steps To Follow If You Accidentally Flushed Clorox Wipe

1. Test For Clogging

Before looking into finding a solution, it’s important to figure out if there’s a problem in the first place.

In most cases, a Clorox wipe is not going to clog the toilet drain.

This means it will go through like anything else and the toilet will continue to function as it normally would. Of course, this does not mean you should continue to do this as eventually, the toilet drain is going to get clogged.

However, you will want to start by flushing the toilet and seeing if it is clogged.

If the water is not flushing properly or the toilet is beginning to fill, this means the toilet is clogged.

Keep this in mind and then begin looking for an appropriate solution that is going to work as you want it to.

accidentally flushed clorox wipe

2. Use A Toilet Plunger

You will want to think about using a toilet plunger.

The goal is to ensure you are attempting a solution that will generate enough suction to push the Clorox wipe(s) down the drain.

Most wipes will get trapped near the front of the drain. They will not go as deep as you might think.

This is ideal for you because it ensures the toilet plunger can push the wipes further down as required.

Look to generate enough suction and see how far the wipes go.

This will ensure you get the results you covet and it works out as you want it to.

3. Use A Drain Snake

Next, you are going to want to bring in the big boys to get rid of the Clorox wipes in the toilet.

This is going to come in the form of a drain snake.

The purpose of using this solution is to attempt to dig deeper into the toilet drain.

You will want to see if you can push the Clorox wipes deeper and get them to go through the drain as required.

The drain snake can help with this as it will go deeper into the drain.

accidentally flushed clorox wipe

4. Call A Plumber (If Necessary)

This is the final option that is going to be available to you after everything else does not work.

It is normally not going to require this type of assistance but it is an option you are going to want to keep in the back of your mind.

The premise behind this solution is to go with a specialist that can open up the drain and see where the issue is.

They will have the necessary tools to unclog a toilet that is blocked with Clorox wipes.

The reason you don’t want to do it yourself is due to potential damage to the toilet and/or surrounding parts.

Let the specialist handle it if the drain snake and/or plunger don’t work.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps if you accidentally flushed a Clorox wipe.

If you accidentally flushed a Clorox wipe, start by checking to see if the toilet is clogged. If it is, use a toilet plunger to generate suction and see if this helps. If not, use a drain snake to dig deeper into the drain. This will help loosen the wipes.

The last step is going to be to go with a plumber.

They will know what to do to get into the drain and remove the wipes.

For the most part, you will not have to worry about this as the toilet plunger is going to get the job done. Always start with the toilet plunger and then see if you need to go with a drain snake.

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