I Accidentally Used Mortar Instead Of Grout! (Fixed)

It is common to get confused between using mortar and grout.

Due to their formulations, a person might end up using one in a situation where the other should have been used.

This is when you will worry about having accidentally used mortar instead of grout.

If you have accidentally used mortar instead of grout, it’s best to remove it before it dries. To do so, use a grinder or a sharp tool to take out the mortar. Once done, prepare the surface again, apply the grout, and let it settle.

Do not attempt to use grout on top of the mortar.

This will not work nor will it be as safe as you want it to be. The best option is to make sure you are taking out the mortar and applying the grout that should be there.

This article is going to show you more about what to do if you accidentally used mortar instead of grout.

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Steps If You Accidentally Used Mortar Instead Of Grout

1. Remove Mortar With Grinder Or Sharp Tool

You cannot use mortar instead of grout.

This is a mistake that’s made due to how the formulations turn out. However, this does not mean one can be replaced by another.

You will need to take out the mortar right away.

It is best to do this before the mortar dries as that makes it harder to remove. If it has dried, you are going to need to take out a sharp tool or a grinder.

This is how you will be able to dig into the mortar to get it out.

Any other solution is just not going to be as efficient or safe.

It is going to be a time-consuming task and one that will require hours of effort. However, it will also ensure you end up with a cleaner surface as the process unfolds.

2. Clean The Surface

It’s important to clean the surface.

This is a must as you are not going to want a situation where the surface is unclean and/or unprepared for than grout you are applying.

This happens more often than it should and you will want to get on top of this as soon as possible.

Clean the surface and make sure it is ready to accept new grout.

The more time you take on doing this, the better you are going to feel about applying the new grout.

It’s a tedious process but one that can be done with a cloth and a cleaning agent.

3. Apply The Grout

Now, it is time to begin working on the grout you should have used in the first place.

You will want to make sure the grout is ready to be applied before putting it to work. This is going to be done by making sure both the surface and the formulation are ready.

Once you are sure, you can then begin to apply the grout.

While doing this, it’s important to make sure you are applying it evenly. To do this the right way, you will want to use your finger to spread the grout where it needs to be.

4. Wait For The Grout To Settle

You will now want to wait for the grout to settle.

This is going to take at least 1-3 days and it’s best to make sure the conditions are good for the grout to settle.

This means avoiding excess humidity in the space.

If this means increasing airflow in the space then that is what you will need to do. Do not let things get to the point where the grout remains wet.

This is going to take away from the work you have done and it will also make the grout excessively porous.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps that matter when you have accidentally used mortar instead of grout.

If you have accidentally used mortar instead of grout, it’s best to start by removing the mortar right away. To do this, use a grinder or a sharp tool to dig out the mortar inch-by-inch. Next, clean the surface using a cleaning agent, apply the new grout, and let it settle for 1-3 days.

During the drying phase, you will want to be patient.

This means paying attention to the texture of the grout and how it is doing. If you feel like it is wet then wait a little bit longer.

It is better to wait rather than letting the grout accept water as it will go right through or ruin the finish.

The patience you show now will go a long way later.

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