Why Is Air Coming Through Window Frame? (Fixed)

Does it seem colder in the house?

This is a real concern and sometimes it has little to do with the HVAC system. It might have more to do with insulation and how the windows in your property are holding up.

This includes a situation where the air is coming through a window frame.

If air is coming through a window frame, this is likely due to cracks running along the edges and/or damaged glass. To fix the issue, inspect the window frame, check for cracks, and cover them using nail polish or sealant.

This will put an end to air coming through the window frame.

If you don’t take the time to fix this, the crack or damaged part of the window frame will only get worsen. This is why property owners need to be proactive and take action before things spiral out of control.

This is especially true in colder parts where the temperature can drop significantly if the window isn’t sealed.

Here is more on what to do if the air is coming through a window frame.

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How To Fix Air Coming Through Window Frame

1. Inspect The Edges & Glass

When learning how to keep cold air from coming through windows, it’s essential to understand what the root cause is.

This includes running your hand along the edge of the window frame.

This will let you see whether or not there is a structural issue with the window frame that needs to be addressed. A good example of this can be a small crack that is running right along the seam of the window frame.

This will eventually start to open up and let air come through into the house.

air coming through window frame

2. Look For Cracks in The Frame

With cold air coming through a window, you need to assess the cracks on the window frame and how big they are.

If it is a small crack, it should be easy enough to fix with something as simple as nail polish.

On the other hand, a larger crack is going to require something far more robust in the form of a specialized sealant. This will allow you to cover the crack in the window without compromising longevity or aesthetics.

Getting this step right is key.

You don’t want to miss a crack or issue with the window frame as that is when things break down.

3. Apply a Coat of Nail Polish or Sealant To Fill Crack

Now it’s time to fix the issue with the window frame.

When windows start leaking air, you have to be proactive. For smaller cracks. take simple nail polish and apply it directly on top of the crack.

Let the nail polish dry and the crack will be sealed.

For larger cracks, you are going to need to use sealant. The sealant can be applied on top of the crack to fill it.

Remember, give the solution time to dry before using the window or touching it. This is key when it comes to preserving the structural integrity of a window.

air coming through window frame

4. Reglaze the Window (If Necessary)

The last detail to think about is window-related damage on the property.

For example, if the window has cracks in it, you might have to reglaze or change the window pane.

This is a must as once the window pane begins breaking down, it will only worsen. The goal is to be quick and replace it before you deal with air coming through the window throughout the day.

You are also going to notice an uptick in your heating bills due to this. The temperature of the home changes when air is coming through a window.

Don’t take chances and act now.

How Do I Stop Air From Coming Through My Windows?

To stop air from coming through a window, it’s essential to fill any cracks using sealant, re-glaze the windows, use insulating curtains, and/or install window insulation tape. These solutions will put an end to drafty windows.

You will have to find what works best for your situation.

In most situations, it is important to fill the cracks and make sure the windowpane is in good condition.

If it is, the air will be easy to control.

If not, the damage will worsen and that is when the cool air becomes unmanageable and uncomfortable. Be proactive in situations such as these and act fast before the window frame gives out.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow if the air is coming through a window frame.

If air is coming through a window frame, the most likely reason has to do with a damaged window pane or cracks in the frame. To fix the issue, use nail polish or sealant to fill the gaps. If the window pane is damaged, replace the pane or consider reglazing.

These are the best options in a situation such as this.

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