Why Is The Air Fryer Blowing Cold Air? (Fixed)

An air fryer is a staple appliance when it comes to preparing meals throughout the day.

It’s important to make sure this appliance continues to function properly. To do this, you will want to look at how it’s performing and whether or not there are subtle issues that will make things worse.

For example, you might notice the air fryer blowing cold air.

If an air fryer is blowing cold air, this means the heating element is damaged or loose. To fix the issue, turn off the air fryer, unplug it, flip it upside down, and access the heating element. Tighten the screws holding the element or replace the part if it’s damaged.

This is a common concern as the air fryer will not be getting warm when on. This is why you start to notice cool air coming from the air fryer when it’s running.

It is normal for this to happen when an air fryer starts to show signs of aging. The heating element will start to give out. Another reason can include something as simple as the heating element loosening when you were cleaning the air fryer.

Just make sure to tighten it first and see if that helps fix the cold air in an air fryer.

To learn more about what to do and how to do it, read this guide on removing cold air in an air fryer.

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How To Fix Air Fryer Blowing Cold Air

1. Unplug The Air Fryer

To remove cold air from an air fryer, you will have to inspect the internal components including the heating element.

To do this safely, you cannot have the appliance plugged in.

Unplug the air fryer and make sure it’s off. This will ensure you have complete access to the internal components without compromising your well-being.

As soon as it is unplugged, you will want to remove the basket. Take it out and set it aside.

This ensures you have access to the heating element that sits along the top of the appliance.

air fryer blowing cold air

2. Remove Basket & Flip Upside Down

Once the basket is out, you will want to make sure access to the heating element is uninterrupted.

This includes flipping the air fryer upside down to ensure you can spot where the heating element is including the connectors.

When the air fryer is flipped over, you will see the heating element on the bottom. This is going to come along with the screws that you will work on to fix the problem.

3. Inspect The Heating Element For Damage

The heating element is the main focal point here.

If it is damaged, you will know the heating element is the troublemaker and has to be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, the air fryer is not going to work and the cold air won’t go away.

You can also touch the heating element to see if it is loose. If it moves a lot, this means the connectors need to be tightened.

air fryer blowing cold air

4. Tighten The Screws Near Heating Element

You will now tighten the screws that are holding the heating element in. Each air fryer is different when it comes to the connecting points that hold the heating element to the top of the air fryer.

You will want to inspect yours to see what the connectors look like.

Once you find those connectors, tighten them one by one. This will ensure the heating element doesn’t budge when you test it again.

In some cases, this is all you are going to have to do to fix the problem.

The heating element might be in this state because it was loosened during the cleaning process. Sometimes, you might press on it and cause it to loosen, which is normal over time.

Just tighten it again and you will be good to go.

5. Replace Heating Element (If Necessary)

You can also have a situation where the heating element is fried and not going to work again.

This is common with older air fryers.

When this happens, the only option is to replace the heating element in an air fryer immediately. You need to find a replacement part for your model and then swap out the old one.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to focus on if an air fryer is blowing cold air.

If an air fryer is blowing cold air, this means the heating element is loose and/or damaged. To fix the issue, turn off the appliance, remove the basket, flip it upside down, and tighten the screws holding the heating element. If the element is damaged, remove and replace it with a new one.

This will ensure cold air doesn’t come from an air fryer when it’s turned on.

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