My Air Purifier Smells Like Ozone! (Solved)

When you are using an air purifier, it’s normal to notice a change in the room where it is set up.

You will often pay attention to the purity of the air and that is one of the main advantages of using a fixture such as this at home.

However, you are also going to realize that the air purifier smells like ozone.

If an air purifier smells like ozone, this is due to the clean smell emanating from the unit. This is to be expected and it’s often associated with being similar to chlorine found in a swimming pool. It is safe and does not have to be removed.

In most cases, when the air in a room is being purified, the smell of ozone is going to become commonplace.

If you believe this is a smell you don’t want to have then there are a few adjustments that can be made.

This guide will take a look at what you can do if the air purifier smells like ozone in your room.

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How To Manage Air Purifier That Smells Like Ozone

1. Place It Lower To The Ground

If an air purifier smells like chlorine or ozone, this means it is likely located in a spot that is causing this smell to spread.

You can make slight adjustments to manage a situation such as this.

While it will not get rid of the smell entirely, it is an adjustment that is easy to manage and will still keep the unit functional.

The idea here is to push it lower to the floor. This will purify the air lower to the ground, which will reduce the smell coming to your nose as you are walking around in the room.

Of course, it is still ideal to place it in a spot where the air can be purified. You don’t want to hide the air purifier making it useless!

air purifier smells like ozone

2. Open The Windows

Airflow is the name of the game.

If your air purifier smells, you will want to make adjustments to the airflow in the space. Sometimes, enclosed spaces will start to smell like ozone because the air is not moving at all.

You can fix this by opening the window in the room.

If there is no window, you are going to want to set up a fan or make sure the door is open throughout the day.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you are comfortable and it does not get to the point where it becomes impossible to enjoy.

3. Increase Airflow

You will want to increase the airflow in the space.

This is a common concern people have when it comes to how the solution works over the long term.

You will want to be careful about what you are doing and that is the mistake people make.

If you are not increasing airflow, the room is going to feel still. This is when the smell of ozone becomes nauseating.

Look at increasing the airflow by opening the windows, doors, and/or setting up a fan. This is going to help push air through the room making it easier to enjoy yourself.

air purifier smells like ozone

4. Add An Air Freshener Or Scented Candles

This is a solution that is ideal for the short term.

What you are going to do is set up an air freshener in one part of the room or light scented candles from time to time.

These are going to add a gentle scent to the room that is pleasant and will override the ozone scent you dislike.

It is a simple change that is going to work like a charm as long as you place the solution in the right place.

Don’t use a spray as that is dangerous for the body and will irritate you. Instead, use a simple air freshener that can be set on the table and will emit a nice scent throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips if your air purifier smells like ozone.

If the air purifier smells like ozone, this is normal and to be expected. It happens due to how the air is purified and the scent is often associated with chlorine in a swimming pool. To reduce this scent, open a window, door, and/or set up a fan to increase airflow. You can also use scented candles.

This is one of those realities that you will have to deal with.

Making slight adjustments should help with the scent and is going to make sure the air stays pure too.

Don’t give up on the air purifier if this smell is bothering you. It is not a big deal and you can make adjustments.

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