Why Do All Burners Spark? (Fixed)

Burners are supposed to work without issue but they can start malfunctioning.

This can occur when one of the internal components gives out or gets fried. You will have to determine what the root cause is if all burners spark together.

If all burners spark together, this is commonly a sign of a damaged spark ignition switch or spark module. To fix this issue, use a multimeter to test the voltage running from the switch to the burners when on. Test each setting. If there is a sudden change, this is a sign the spark ignition switch has to be replaced.

You will not want to keep using the appliance when all burners spark. This is dangerous and it will create a situation you are not going to want to face. It can also damage surrounding components if you are not careful.

When the burners begin sparking, you will want to act fast.

This article is going to go through each step if all burners spark and why it’s important to take action right away.

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Steps To Follow If All Burners Spark

1. Inspect The Spark Ignition Switch

The main culprit is the spark ignition switch.

When this gets damaged or the connection loosens, it’s common for the burners to start malfunctioning. This includes all burners sparking at the same time.

If this is the case, you will want to begin by inspecting the spark ignition switch. This is commonly located behind the front panel of the appliance. Remove the cover and you will gain access to the spark ignition switch.

What are you going to be looking for?

You have to test for damage and then begin observing the power running through the switch.

all burners spark

2. Test The Voltage

This is where you are going to use a multimeter.

The goal is to see why the burners are sparking together. To do this, you have to test the voltage and see the power that is running through the switch.

Are there continuity issues?

If so, the multimeter is going to provide a reading indicating an unstable flow of power. You will want to test this by placing it on the spark ignition switch and taking a reading while the appliance is running.

This will immediately shed light on where the issue lies.

If there are rapid fluctuations in power, this is a clear-cut case of the spark ignition switch not working.

3. Replace The Spark Ignition Switch

Your best option when the spark ignition switch does not work is to simply replace it. Repairing the switch is not going to work as you want it to.

This is why the best option is to replace the ignition switch.

Be patient when doing this and make sure you are only replacing the malfunctioning part.

This is why the multimeter is useful. It will pinpoint the exact component that is creating issues.

Always look for a compatible spark ignition switch when it comes to replacing the part.

all burners spark

4. Re-Test The Burners

You will want to re-test the burners.

Since all burners were sparking, you will want to make sure it was the spark ignition switch that was causing the problem. Sometimes, the switch was only one of the issues and a surrounding component is also causing trouble.

This is why re-testing the burners on a low setting is smart.

It will allow you to once again use the multimeter to check for continuity. It will provide a complete reading on whether or not the power is going through.

Continue to take these readings at different stages to make sure the switch is an efficient one.

Final Thoughts

These steps are a must if all burners spark at the same time.

If all burners spark, the most common issue is going to involve a malfunctioning or damaged spark ignition switch. To test this theory, remove the front panel, access the switch ignition switch, test the voltage using a multimeter, and see if there’s continuity in the flow of power. If not, replace the spark ignition switch.

This will take care of the problem and make sure the burners are working as you want them to.

This is a process that has to be handled with care. You don’t want to rush things as that might create a situation where the burners don’t work at all.

Replace the switch and test to see if the burners work.

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