18 Easy Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas You Should Try

Apartment balconies are wonderful when the weather is nice and can be a great place to lounge and converse for hours.

However, this is assuming you have enough privacy inside the apartment balcony!

A lot of balconies are too close together and this can be challenging to deal with. To avoid a situation such as this, you are going to want to take a look at easy apartment balcony privacy ideas that are going to take minutes to implement.

Here are the best apartment balcony privacy ideas for your needs.

Ivy Privacy Screen

Ivy is aesthetically pleasing and it’s a neat way to help find some privacy on the balcony.

There are two ways a person can go with this type of aesthetic and both are reasonable. The first option is going to be to use real ivy plants and have them running along a screen that’s going to be in the way of the other balcony.

The second option is to use fake ivy.

This way you are not going to have to maintain growth and/or other related issues while protecting your balcony.

Reed Fence

A reed fence is great because it’s easy on the eyes and is going to work well in blocking away sight from the other side.

This is a gorgeous, warm option that’s going to work well instantly.

Make the most of this type of fence and enjoy the overall aesthetic of the apartment balcony. It will win you over instantly.

Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is not the first type of fence a person is going to think about but this is a wonderful option.

The reason it works well is it settles nicely into the warm aesthetic of the balcony.

It’s going to have that wooden touch you are going for and it’s still going to be lighthearted with its charm. This is appealing to those who don’t want something too abrupt with its aesthetic.

Reed Shade

A reed shade tends to work well for those who want to keep things simple.

This shade works well because it’s simple to set up and it’s going to have a neat finish. This does matter as you are not going to want to make the overall look of the apartment balcony seem crowded.

Avoid this with a quality reed shade design on the balcony.

Metal Privacy Screen

This is a sleek, modern option for privacy in the apartment balcony.

The idea here is to look at finding a metal privacy screen because it’s going to do a good job of managing sound and is also going to block a visual sight into the balcony.

This works well for those who want a more traditional sense of privacy. Plus, it is going to look nice too!

Gray Wood Screen

This is a charming wooden screen that’s going to be set up on the apartment balcony.

This is elegant and is going to have a serene finish to it.

Those who want something that looks good on the balcony are going to want to choose gray wood. It simply works and it is easy on the eyes!

Wood Planter

Planters tend to work well for two reasons.

The first benefit is going to be the idea of adding greenery to the space. It’s a natural option that isn’t going to get in the way and it will be appealing to look at as long as you are maintaining it.

The second benefit is going to be the overall durability of the wood planter. It’s going to work wonders.

Plant Wall

Similar to the wood planter, this is going to look at setting up an entire plant wall.

This means the plants are going to be set up in small boxes that are going to be stacked on top of each other on a shelf.

This is ideal for those who want a comprehensive wall in front of the other apartment balcony and still want some plants there too.

Neutral Privacy Screen

A neutral privacy screen is straightforward.

This is going to be designed to blend into the rest of the apartment balcony and is not going to be abrupt to look at.

This is ideal for those who just want the benefits of the privacy screen and don’t want it to stand out.

Faux Privacy Screen

A faux privacy screen is sleek and is going to be designed to offer complete protection against the other balcony.

This is going to be designed as a compact option that will fit anywhere.

This is a good option for smaller balconies and it’s not going to get in the way.

Bamboo Screen

Most people are going to think about a bamboo fence, but it’s essential to consider a bamboo privacy screen.

This is going to be a screen that’s made out of bamboo and it’s going to do a good job of keeping the sound out.

It’s also efficient because it is going to be appealing and have that desired elegance you are after in an apartment balcony.

Willow Screen

A willow screen is a renowned option and one that tends to trend among those who are living in apartments.

The reason it works has to do with how robust Willow is.

This is going to be a compact option and it’s going to last a long time. This is an easy-to-maintain option that is going to do its job well and is going to look the part too!

Plant Stand

A plant stand is a good option for those who want something elegant and charming without overspending.

The plant stand is going to be designed to house the plant of your choice while also blocking the other balcony’s sound.

It’s great for those who want to maximize the use of plants on their balcony and maintain a steady theme in this part of the apartment.

Rustic Ivy Screen

While most are going to like the idea of an ivy screen, it’s essential to also look at how it is going to be held into place to maintain privacy.

To do this, you are going to want to look at using rustic wood.

This is where the ivy is going to wrap around and then remain in place. It looks neat and efficient the way you want it to be.

Deck Screen

A deck screen is a good option.

This is a common option for those who want a bit of privacy on an apartment balcony. The reason it’s going to work is the deck is going to last a long time and it’s going to remain steady from all angles.

This works well and it is not going to look out of place.

Triangle Balcony Curtain

We adore the triangle balcony curtain because it’s making use of a solution that’s easy to set up and is not going to leave a dent in your wallet!

Keep this in place because the triangle balcony curtain is going to offer an elegant aesthetic.

It’s going to have a drooping finish that is going to make it seem like a luxurious part of the apartment balcony.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are often looked at as a good option for those who want to mix things up a bit.

This type of wall hanging is going to be set up in a way where it’s not going to get in the way and is going to offer a comprehensive block in front of the other balcony.

Keep this in mind when it comes to how the balcony is going to stand in place.

Focus on this and know it’s going to remain in place for a long time.


Curtains are designed in a way where you can mix and match them.

This includes colors, patterns, and overall size.

Look into choosing curtains that are going to not overextend into the other balcony and are going to act as a strong barrier. They should be held in place to maximize their presence.