21 Creative Apartment Bedroom Decorating Ideas

One of the main parts of an apartment is going to be the bedroom.

You are going to want to elevate its charm and get it to feel as personalized as possible. To do this, you need to be aware of the latest trends and how to decorate an apartment bedroom the right way.

For those in this type of position, it’s time to look at what works and what does not.

Here are the top apartment bedroom decoration ideas right now.

Clothing Rack

We have been seeing this more and more in apartment bedrooms.

This is a stylistic clothing rack that’s set up in the bedroom. It’s going to add a new aesthetic to the bedroom because most people assume a clothing rack is something you are only going to see in a store.

Instead, you are going to bring that aesthetic to your bedroom and show off your favorite items.

Silver Candle Holders

This is a charming addition to an apartment bedroom and tends to look great as soon as it’s set into place.

The reason it resonates with an apartment bedroom has to do with how it highlights the overall elegance of the bedroom with the right furniture. It’s an addition everyone should be considering when it comes to getting a neat aesthetic.

Silver candle holders are a must.

Wall Shelves

Shelves are always about the storage option you are going to get by adding more vertical space to a bedroom.

Apartments are going to be tinier than houses.

This means you are going to want to optimize a space as best as possible. Add a wall shelf or two above the bed to get the room to stand out more. If you choose the right colors, the walls are going to look just the way you want them to.

Ladder Shelf

Apartment bedrooms don’t have a lot of space.

This means you have to make some space and make sure it’s easy to store books and/or other items that are not easy to just toss around.

This is why we recommend going with a nice ladder shelf in the apartment bedroom. It is aesthetic and charming at the same time.

Dressing Table

A dressing table is one of those things that cannot be understated as it is empowering for an apartment bedroom.

We would look at putting a small dressing table in the bedroom.

It shouldn’t take a lot of space and it should flow evenly.

Natural Accents

A lot of people stick to the traditional accents when it comes to the tones they’re using for the bedroom decor in an apartment.

It’s good to mix things up a bit.

This includes going with a nice natural accent.

This can include something with a bit of green in it.

Rustic Decor

Bedrooms should have a bit of warmth to them and it’s not always easy to do this with something that’s too white.

To mix things up, it’s best to go with a rustic design.

This is going to shine through when it comes to getting a nice, warm decor for the apartment bedroom.

Round Mirror

What type of mirror are you putting up in the apartment bedroom?

We would take a look at going with a round mirror.

The round mirror is going to look amazing because it’s going to open up visual space in the bedroom and it’s going to help elevate the beauty of the bedroom too.

This is a nice, simple addition that works.

Pretty Desk

The desk is one of those elements that’s going to depend on the rest of your apartment.

Having a separate area to put your papers, laptop, and/or other items is always nice. It’s something you are going to want to use depending on how you work during the day.

Add a nice desk and create additional space in your bedroom.

Maroon Decor

Luxurious tones are a great step in the right direction.

There is a sense of royalty that comes with a warmer color such as maroon because it’s going to shine through and you are going to appreciate how beautiful it looks.

This is what we appreciate about it instantly.

Bohemian Bedroom

Ever thought of going with a bohemian bedroom?

We adore this type of bedroom because it’s so charming and you are going to get it to have that comfortable aesthetic that’s welcoming right away.

Use comfortable tones that are neutral and arlcoming.

Bar Cart

Are you a coffee lover?

Why not set up a bar cart in the apartment bedroom?

This is going to depend on your layout but it is such a neat addition and it is going to help modernize the bedroom instantly. Don’t be afraid to go with something like this to see how it looks.

Metal Aesthetic

This is going to be one where you are going to be mixing things up a bit.

The metal aesthetic looks at going with a selection of metal elements spread throughout the apartment bedroom.

This is how you are going to appreciate the neutral elements in the room.

Neutral Bedroom Decor

This type of bedroom decor is going to work well for those who want to go for a more charming bedroom decor.

This is how you are going to maximize your bedroom decor.

You are going to go with neutral colors and then balance out the theme of the apartment bedroom to create a flowing aesthetic.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are a wonderful option and will work well when it comes to getting the desired look you are going for.

We would look into this to help open up more space.

Not only is this bed going to work well in the room but it’s also going to offer more storage space in there too.

Framed Prints

Don’t underrate framed prints in an apartment bedroom.

They are going to look amazing and you are going to enjoy how beautiful they are from all angles.

We would look at setting up framed prints that are going to work from all angles and will last a long time too.

Asian Bedroom

Ever thought about going with an Asian-inspired bedroom?

This is what we love about the Asian aesthetic bedroom. It’s going to be sleek, clean, and comfortable from all angles.

This is highly underrated and a hidden gem for us.

Use the floor mattress to help elevate the look of the apartment bedroom.

Black Shelves

The color of the shelves in your bedroom will matter.

Go with black shelves.

These shelves are nice because they are going to be sleek and help open up new space vertically in the bedroom. This is not just about simple wall shelves but also looking at corner shelves if possible.

European Aesthetic

Europe has long been known for its apartments, so you are going to want to play around with some of their preferred aesthetics too.

We often take the time to sift through these.

The idea here is to go with a minimalistic aesthetic that is going to use tinier elements such as smaller lamps. You want to keep as much open space as possible and then add personalized items along the sides.

Thin Nightstand

Open space is a must.

You want to do this with the help of a thinner nightstand. The type of stand does not matter as long as it’s thin and is not going to take up as much space in the apartment bedroom.

As long as you do this, it will help improve the look of the bedroom.

Comfortable Bedroom

The idea here is to go with a comfortable bedroom where everything is going to be crisp, clean and charming from all angles.

You are going to like what you are going to get with this type of bedroom.

We adore it too.

Look to add blankets and pillows into the mix to help emphasize this aesthetic.