34 Creative Apartment Organization Hacks For You

Organization is essential when it comes to a modern apartment.

It’s easy to not know where to put things or end up losing them over a year. There’s so much going on and you are going to want to learn those nitty-gritty tips and tricks of organization in an apartment.

We know how challenging it can be but it does not have to be impossible.

The best solution is to learn what works and then start implementing it.

This includes the apartment organization hacks we are going to put forward for you here.

Best Apartment Organization Hacks You Should Know

Install Racks On A Room’s Door

This is a wonderful solution for those who are looking for more space in an apartment.

The idea here is to install racks on the inside of a room’s door. You are going to have rows of racks that are going to be used to store items.

People often do this for cabinets but you can do it for a room’s door too.

Use Drying Racks For Laundry

Do you tend to toss washed clothes onto the bed or sofa when you are looking to dry them?

Well, why not use drying racks?

You can install the drying rack on the wall and then use this as the place to put your washed clothes. It keeps them out of the way.

Use File Folding Technique

This is a specialized technique that is used by those who want to save space in an apartment.

The idea here is to use file-folding technique.

You are going to fold the items into a smaller size and then put them into the drawer or cabinet.

Use Storage Bins

Storage bins are your best friend and should be used.

They are going to help clean up the clutter in your closet and also make it easier to organize items around the apartment.

This includes cleaning items and more.

Set Up Baskets

Baskets are an essential organizational item to have in an apartment.

When organizing an apartment, you are going to want to set up baskets in your closet. This can help with clothing items such as your socks and will ensure you are aware of where those items are when you need them.

This is essential in an apartment.

Use Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers are good.

Most people are going to be solely focused on dressers and/or other areas to put their key items but why not utilize space upwards?

This includes setting up a hanging organizer.

We find this to be quite useful when it’s time to maximize our setup.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Your shoes should not be spread everywhere because that’s going to leave a mess.

The better option is to make sure you are installing a hanging shoe organizer in the apartment and leveraging this for additional space.

It’s a lot easier to get more shoes set up by doing this and it will look aesthetically pleasing too!

Use Racks Inside The Cabinet

Cabinets tend to have small compartments for you to put the items in.

These are fine.

However, you can also set up a rack along the inside of the cabinet door. This is going to act as an additional space for you to put smaller items.

For example, you can put your hair gel inside the rack or your floss. It is going to open up space inside the cabinet and remove some of the clutter in your bathroom instantly.

Use Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers are good and can save quite a bit of space.

You are going to use these as a way to optimize the space inside a cabinet. They can work well as long as you take the time to install them properly.

Set Up TV Stand

Instead of a regular TV stand, why not go with something that has cabinets in it?

There are TV stands with storage.

You will want to get one and use this space to de-clutter the area around your TV. This includes DVDs, wires, boxes, and more.

Use Entrance For Additional Storage

Your apartment’s entrance is going to be a wonderful place to begin storing items and we highly recommend being patient when it comes to getting this right.

You can set up a storage box near the entrance.

This can be used to store items that are inside your closet and keep them close to the entrance.

Install Shelves Over The Toilet

There is often space right on top of the toilet in your bathroom.

It’s time to make use of it.

You are going to want to set up a small shelf to place items on top of this. It will hold up well and it’s going to look great too.

Use Laundry Organizer

Laundry organizers are essential.

You can de-clutter the closet and your bedroom with the help of one while also knowing when to do your laundry.

We have this type of organizer in place to make things as easy as they need to be.

Use The Space Under Your Sink

Your sink is going to have space under it.

You should be using it.

We often take the time to set up containers under the sink as a way to hold relevant items inside this hidden area. It works well and looks good. You can put items such as your hair brush and other similar accessories here and it is going to fit nicely.

Use Rollers For Bags

Garbage bags are a common part of life in an apartment.

You won’t know where to put them but it’s time to take out the rollers for the bags. You can set up the rollers on the wall and then install the bags on them.

This is going to work well in getting rid of the mess that comes along with those garbage bags.

Use Rack For Cleaning Supplies

Do you have a lot of cleaning supplies?

Why not look at a solution where you can use a rack for cleaning supplies?

This will work well and is going to be a simple solution that’s going to work right away.

Use A Storage Ladder

A storage ladder is a nice option and is going to work well for those who want to open up space vertically.

This ladder is going to work well in various parts of the room including the bathroom.

You can easily set up this ladder and then place items on top of it including small accessories.

Use Organizer For Your Makeup

Makeup is a part of life for many people and it’s essential to find a nice spot for it rather than tossing it around!

We often see people do this in their apartment and it looks ungainly.

The best option is to use an organizer for your makeup and ensure it is stored safely in a place that is not going to get in the way. You can even use an organizer for this that will store all of the makeup.

Stack Cans

Imagine having too many cans at home.

You are going to need to put them somewhere. We would stack the cans and use this as a solution to keep things as organized as possible.

It will also look cleaner.

Bathroom Storage Cart

This is a wonderful option for those who want to make sure their bathroom items are being stored in a specific spot without getting in the way.

The storage cart tends to work well for this.

You can use it to store various cleaning items and keep them separately.

Use The Corners

Each room is going to have corners.

This is how rooms are designed in an apartment, so make use of them!

You are going to do this by optimizing these corner spaces with the help of storage ladders. This is going to look great because you can decorate those corners and help elevate the aesthetic of the space at the same time.

It will also store items along the way.

Install Corner Shelves

The corner shelves are beautiful.

They are great because you can enhance the look of the space and also create new storage space inside the apartment right away.

We adore this look and it is going to be riveting right in line with what you want as someone who wants to amplify the look of the apartment instantly.

Use Labels

A person who does not use labels in an apartment is always going to be doing things below par according to us.

This is due to things getting tossed around and lost over time.

We label everything and it will make storage a breeze. You can organize the items based on these labels and ensure you are aware of where things are.

Use Containers In Drawers

Drawers are good and should be utilized.

You can open up space in the kitchen with the help of these containers. You can use them for various items including ingredients and this will ensure you are not holding onto large packages for these ingredients later.

Utilize A Kitchen Storage Rack

A kitchen without a storage rack is just not going to be useful or optimal.

Your key items should be kept in the storage rack.

This can include utensils, spices, and more. Everything should be accessible in one spot rather than tossing them around the kitchen.

Organize The Fridge

The fridge should be organized in comprehensive detail with a bit of patience.

This is imperative if you are looking to open the fridge door and know everything is where it needs to be.

This will also let you know when things are running out.

Use Basket For Blankets

We would look into where you are placing your blankets.

Blankets are a part of life, but you should be putting them in a smaller spot within the apartment as soon as you wake up. We would put them inside a basket that can then be covered with a lid.

Numerous baskets are sold for this purpose.

Keep The Plates Together

We highly recommend looking into where your plates are going.

A lot of apartments don’t consider this and it leads to entire parts of the kitchen being full of plates.

Don’t let this happen!

We recommend stacking the plates on top of each other and then putting them together. This will save quite a bit of space.

Use A Shoe Stacker

A shoe stacker is a solution that is used to store shoes.

You are going to do this vertically.

As a result, the shoes are going to go on top of each other and it is going to be readily accessible whenever you are looking to put on the shoes. This provides peace of mind for those who don’t want to lose their shoes in the apartment.

Set Up A Bar Cart

Do you have alcohol at home?

Bar carts are now being sold on the open market and they work wonders. You are going to use one of these bar carts to store all of your wines.

This is going to look elegant and it’s going to save space at the same time.

Install Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a proven solution when organizing apartments.

The idea behind them is to use vertical space.

The shelves are going to act as a separate part of the wall where you can begin to open up space. We adore this because it looks great and you can add various items on top of them one by one.

Use A Basket For Towels

You can set up a basket in the bathroom for your towels or place the basket outside in the closet if that works for you.

The idea is to put the clean towels in the basket after folding them.

This makes them easier to access and they will also be out of the way.

De-Clutter Your Desk

Your desk (if you have one) is going to be integral to how you are organizing an apartment because the eye is going to go there.

You need to remove the clutter right away.

This is a major mistake for those who are not doing this and you are going to regret it later. Take the time to clean up the desk.

Store Books On A Cart

A good option is to begin storing books on a cart.

This is going to be ideal if you don’t have space for a bookshelf. The book cart is going to allow you to place all of the items with the help of the storage cart.