Are Black Kitchen Cabinets A Bad Idea? (Solved)

Black kitchen cabinets can look sleek, eye-catching, and modern. This is why a lot of homeowners lean in this direction when it is time to renovate this part of the house. While black kitchens do look impressive, you may wonder, are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?

Black kitchen cabinets are not a bad idea as long as you are willing to keep them clean, repaint often, and make sure maintenance is done whenever necessary.

Just like most things in the kitchen, it comes down to your effort in keeping things looking good.

Key factors include:

  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Age of the Cabinets
  • Number of Cabinets

Going with black kitchen cabinets in your home comes down to your willingness to keep them clean. A lot of homeowners don’t have the patience to do this and that is what holds them back. As a result, you have to stay patient when it comes to the black kitchen cabinets that are being set up. Take your time to analyze whether or not black kitchen cabinets are good for your situation.

By doing this, you will learn more about whether or not to go with black kitchen cabinets in your home.

This article will look to answer “Are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?” by showing some of the issues that can arise with a black kitchen cabinet.

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Factors to Consider Before Installing Black Kitchen Cabinets

1. Cleaning Schedule

You will want to look at your cleaning schedule.

This means finding out how often you’re going to wipe and/or clean the black cabinets one by one. A person that is busy all the time and/or lazy might not want to go down this path. It is risky and will not work out the way you want it to.

When asking “Are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?” this does matter.

In general, you should be wiping the black kitchen cabinets at least once a week. This is to make sure they look good from all angles and don’t start aging rapidly.

Newer black kitchen cabinets are more robust but the color is still unforgiving. This means any stain will become noticeable.

You have to be aware of this when it comes to working on new kitchen cabinets and making sure they look the way you want them to.

are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea

2. General Usage

When asking “Are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?” your focus should also go towards how the kitchen will be used.

This does play a role in which types of cabinets to go with.

For example, if you are going to be using the kitchen all day, it might not make sense to go with black or white. These colors are not as forgiving, which will mean you are going to have to keep cleaning the cabinets all week.

Kitchens that are used around the clock can become difficult to handle with black kitchen cabinets.

It is a lot easier to deal with a situation where you don’t have to think about the kitchen cabinets. This isn’t going to be the case with black cabinets.

While they look good, high-usage situations shouldn’t welcome black kitchen cabinets.

are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea

3. Willingness to Repaint

You will also want to account for touch-ups.

Whether it is smudging and/or stains, black kitchen cabinets do get dirty. This means you will want to have the ability to take out a bit of black cabinet paint and begin working on those fading spots.

If not, the kitchen cabinets will begin to look odd after a while.

Black kitchen cabinets often require touch-ups and that is something you have to be aware of as a homeowner.

Does this have to happen every week? No.

However, anyone asking “Are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?” has to consider the idea of repainting the kitchen cabinets from time to time. This can be done every 2-3 years along with touch-ups that happen every year.

By doing this, the black kitchen cabinets are going to look as fresh as you want them to.

1. Are Black Kitchen Cabinets In Style?

Black kitchen cabinets are in style because it’s a timeless look. This is a shade that has been around for a long time and can be tastefully used in any contemporary kitchen design.

2. Do Black Kitchens Look Dirty?

Black kitchens can look dirty when they are not maintained. This includes wiping the surface, using touch-up paint, and/or making sure repairs are done whenever necessary.

Final Thoughts

Are black kitchen cabinets a bad idea?

Black kitchen cabinets are a wonderful idea as long as you are aware of what you’re getting into. This includes cleaning the cabinets more often, keeping an eye on possible stains, and/or making sure they are in good order.

The factors listed here will make sure the black kitchen cabinets look good in your home.

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