Are Toilet Seats Universal?

The toilet seat is an integral part of the fixture.

It’s something you are not going to think twice about until it breaks. There are several situations where a toilet seat begins to crack open or get damaged.

One of the questions you may ask when buying a new seat is, are toilet seats universal?

Toilet seats are not universal. They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and looks based on the type of toilet they’re designed for. Some of the types include – round-nose, D-shape, and pointed-nose seats.

It’s best to look at what type of toilet seat is right for your fixture in the bathroom. This will make it easier to find a perfect solution and will be a good addition to your toilet.

If you are still confused about choosing the right toilet seat then it’s time to look at the most important tips to account for.

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Tips On How To Choose a Toilet Seat

1. Choose The Right Shape

Start by choosing the right shape for a toilet seat.

This includes assessing which type of toilet seat is going to work well with your fixture. Some toilets require an elongated toilet seat while others are going to need a rounded variation. Both are common across the planet making it important to look at what your toilet requires.

If you choose the wrong shape, it’s possible the toilet is not going to work the way you want it to. The toilet seat will refuse to settle into place and it’s going to look odd.

When buying a toilet seat, you will want to take the time to get a copy of the previous one. This is a must to make sure the chances of a poor installation go out the window.

Otherwise, it’s possible the toilet seat is not going to be a good fit and that can be a real waste. It’s in your best interest to choose the right shape.

are toilet seats universal

2. Measure the Toilet Seat

How are you going to make sure the toilet seat is a perfect fit?

You will want to start by measuring the toilet seat. This includes measuring the length, width, and circumference of the toilet seat depending on its shape.

The goal should be to get as much information about the seat as possible. This will allow you to buy a toilet seat that is built to last and is going to be a seamless fit.

Most mistakes are made when the toilet seat is not an exact match. This can lead to average results that are not in line with what you require.

3. Consider OEM Toilet Seats

You will want to take the time to consider OEM toilet seats when given the chance to do so. The goal is to see whether or not the original manufacturer has an exact match for the toilet seat you need right now.

Most manufacturers are going to be making toilet seats and that can be a wonderful place to start.

In some cases, they might not make the same type of toilet seat but they could have measurements that are closer to the old one. Take the time to go down this path and see what the manufacturer has to say.

are toilet seats universal

4. Value Durability

You will always have to value durability in a situation such as this.

There is no reason to choose a toilet seat that is not durable. This will start to break down as soon as it is put into use, which defeats the purpose of a replacement toilet seat.

Look to go with a seat that is made of the right materials and is the desired shape. When you do this, you are going to have a greater chance of the toilet seat lasting.

A toilet seat that is not durable will never be worth it over the long term. You have to account for this right away.

Final Thoughts

Are toilet seats universal?

Toilet seats are not universal. There are several types of seats including round-nose, D-Shape, and pointed-nose seats. Toilet seats tend to come in different shapes, sizes and looks depending on the toilet itself.

It is recommended to start by analyzing the toilet seat you are going to be replacing. This will let you know more about how the toilet seat is going to be set up and how well it will work over the long haul.

Choosing the wrong toilet seat will be a real issue as it is not going to install properly. Take your time and look into this before making a purchase.

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