Are Towel Bars Out Of Style? (Solved!)

Towel bars were a common sight in the past and the only option homeowners chose.

In recent times, it has become more of a choice with people looking at other options including simple hooks. It can lead you to wonder – are towel bars out of style?

Towel bars are not out of style as they serve the purpose of keeping towels in one place, accessible, and dry. These benefits make towel bars an excellent option in this day and age whether the bathroom is small or big.

There is nothing wrong with installing a towel bar in the bathroom. It is still trendy and will look perfect.

This article will take a look at some of the benefits of towel bars and why they are still trendy right now.

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Advantages of Towel Bar

1. Air Dries The Towels

Towels get wet when they are used.

This means you will need to find an open spot where the towels can dry. In a more traditional setup, you would air-dry the towel outdoors.

However, this is unrealistic nor is that how you are going to want to dry a towel after it has been used in the bathroom.

As a result, the best option is to air dry the towel on a towel bar. This is going to ensure it is open to the air around it and is going to quickly dry without causing a bad odor to spread.

Drying the towels and keeping them in this state is essential. You never want to walk up to a towel and feel like it is still wet from the last time you or someone else used it. This isn’t going to feel too nice nor is it how you are going to want to dry your hands or face.

The best solution is to have the towel bar set up in a spot that allows the towels to dry. This can be an open spot on the wall that isn’t restricted by other bathroom features.

are towel bars out of style

2. Space-Efficient

Saving space is integral when it comes to installing a towel bar.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where all of the space is being taken up by a towel bar that doesn’t fit or looks odd.

Remember, the bathroom has to be a functional space for its main purpose. Whether a person wants to take a shower, wash their face, or look in the mirror, a towel bar should not get in the way at all.

This is a must.

If you set up a towel bar in the right spot, it is far more space-efficient and that is what matters the most.

3. Holds the Towels In One Place

Towel bars are still trending because they allow for a spot where all the towels go.

You are not left in a situation where everything is messy. This includes tossing towels around and creating a mess everywhere.

To avoid a situation such as this, a towel bar still serves its purpose in the average bathroom. It is a feature that has now become mandatory in most situations.

The only viable alternative is a towel hook and that might not be enough when it comes to creating a cleaner aesthetic.

Just set up the towel bar and feel confident in knowing where your towels are going to be in the bathroom.

are towel bars out of style

4. Accessible

Accessibility is one of the most important reasons for towel bars still being a thing.

You are going to want the towels to be in the same spot every time you enter the bathroom. It should never be a treasure hunt as you look around for a towel to dry your hands.

As a result, it is best to have a towel bar set up at chest height in an accessible spot.

Due to how easy towel bars are to set up and use, they continue to trend around the world.

Final Thoughts

Are towel bars out of style?

Towel bars are not going out of style. These features are ideal for air drying towels, keeping them in one place, and making sure the towels don’t get in the way of other features.

It’s these benefits that matter the most when it comes to using a towel bar in your bathroom. Anything else is not going to suffice nor will it bring the advantages you’re on the lookout for as a homeowner.

Keep it simple and go with a towel bar.

Once the towel bar is set up, these advantages will begin to become obvious. This is why most people prefer having a towel bar in their bathroom.

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