Why Is The Area Rug Wavy After Cleaning? (Fixed)

Cleaning an area rug is wonderful, but it can become frustrating when it loses its shape.

This is when you wonder whether or not something went haywire during the cleaning process. This includes the techniques and/or solutions that were used to clean the area rug.

The first issue most people deal with is an area rug that’s wavy after cleaning.

If an area rug is wavy after cleaning, place a towel over the wave and run a hot iron on that specific spot for a minute. This will loosen the waviness and ensure the rug is back to how it’s supposed to be.

You do not need to consider other solutions that are time-consuming.

All it takes is a bit of heat to loosen the rug’s fibers. Once this happens, it will readjust back to its original shape the way you want it to be.

This guide will go into greater detail explaining what to do when an area rug is wavy after cleaning.

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How To Fix Area Rug Wavy After Cleaning

1. Fold Towel & Place Over The Wavy Spot

When learning how to fix a rug that has bubbled, you will want to keep things as simple as possible.

The best solution to get rid of waves in a rug is to fold a towel in two. Once the towel is folded, you are going to place it directly on top of the wavy area.

Once the towel is in place, you are going to press it down with your hands and hold it in that position for 15 seconds.

Continue to do this until you are certain the towel is not going to move even if the wave presses up.

This is key before you begin ironing the wave in a rug.

area rug wavy after cleaning

2. Use Iron On The Towel

If a rug won’t lay flat after getting wet, you will need to take out the iron.

The iron is going to apply heat to the target area ensuring the wave in the rug goes down as needed.

This is why you are going to set up the towel and fold it in two. The towel is going to protect the area rug from the heat of the iron once it’s in use.

You are going to take the iron, warm it, and then press it directly on top of the towel. The towel is already on the wave, which will mean the heat transfers from the iron to the rug.

This will flatten the wave in a minute.

3. Keep Warming The Rug For One Minute

How long are you going to iron the area rug?

To get rid of the wave in an area rug, you will have to do this for at least a minute. IN some cases, you will require an additional minute to get rid of the wave.

This depends on the thickness of the rug and how significant the wave is.

Be mindful of the heat as it presses down on the rug. This is essential so you don’t burn the rug when the heat begins transferring through the towel.

area rug wavy after cleaning

4. Stretch The Rug Using Hands

The last step is to remove the towel and now use your hands to press down on the area rug.

This will make sure the spot has been flattened for good and is not going to pop up again once it cools.

You need to keep pressing on all parts of the rug while doing this.

Why Did My Rug Wrinkle After Cleaning?

Your rug wrinkled after cleaning because moisture can cause the latex adhesive to expand. This expansion naturally pushes the rug upwards, which creates waves. These waves can be removed using heat to dry out the rug.

It’s a simple solution and is similar to ironing clothes after they have been in the washing machine.

Final Thoughts

This is how you fix an area rug that’s wavy after cleaning.

To fix an area rug that’s wavy after cleaning, the best solution is to apply heat to the spot. Use a towel and fold it in two. Place this towel on top of the wavy area and run an iron on the towel for at least a minute. This will transfer the heat through to the rug without damaging its surface.

It’s a solution that is a quick fix and will take out the moisture from the area rug.

This is all it takes to get the job done and make sure your rug is flat again.

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