Bar Keepers Friend Ruined Stainless Steel! (Fixed)

When you are using a cleaning agent on stainless steel, it is important to make sure it is used as advised and it’s the right solution for the surface.

Some cleaning agents are well-made and offer great value but might not work well with stainless steel surfaces.

This is why it’s best to read through what you are using whether it’s bought at a store or homemade.

Keeping that in mind, what do you do if Bar Keepers Friend ruined stainless steel?

If Bar Keepers Friend ruined stainless steel, it’s time to repeat the process. Yes, repeating the process and scrubbing vigorously will resolve the issue. Start by applying the cleaning solution, wait 30 seconds, and scrub. Do this multiple times and the stainless steel will be normal again.

It’s normal to want to use something else such as vinegar or baking soda.

However, those are not going to work as well and the stain is not going to come off. By using Bar Keepers Friend again, you are going to counteract the residue that is present on the surface.

This guide will highlight what you need to do if Bar Keepers Friend ruined the stainless steel.

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Steps To Follow If Bar Keepers Friend Ruined Stainless Steel

1. Wipe The Stainless Steel

If the Bar Keepers Friend damaged the stainless steel, it’s time to look at cleaning the surface right away.

The first thing you are going to do is take a clean cloth and wipe the surface.

This will remove any excess debris that is settled on the stainless steel. You will also want to make sure the surface is not wet.

When you do this, look for any scuffing that took place and whether or not you can remove it with the cloth.

Continue to wipe in a circular motion to get the residue off.

Most of it will not come off during this step, but it’s a good starting point before you get going with the next step.

bar keepers friend ruined stainless steel

2. Apply Bar Keepers Friend Again

You are now going to take out the Bar Keepers Friend and start using it again.

This might seem counterproductive but it is a highly recommended way of removing the residue that is on the surface.

You are going to take the Bar Keepers Friend and apply it to the stainless steel surface again.

Cover all of the spots that are discolored or don’t look the way they are supposed to. This is the best way to get started on fixing the stainless steel.

3. Wait 30 Seconds

You will now wait 30 seconds.

As directed on the label, you should never wait past a minute with this product. It is potent and it is going to have an immediate impact on the stainless steel.

This is why you are going to only wait 30 seconds and then move on to the next step.

The goal here is to let the Bar Keepers Friend do its job and then you start scrubbing to take off the residue that is present on the stainless steel.

This will be a quick step, so be ready and keep track of the time.

bar keepers friend ruined stainless steel

4. Scrub Vigorously

Now, you are going to start scrubbing vigorously.

This is important because going gently is not going to help. The previous round of Bar Keepers Friend where you waited too long is now going to be settled on the stainless steel.

This means you have to act with this in mind.

Take a clean cloth and begin scrubbing. You are going to want to scrub to get the stainless steel to look the way it was before.

5. Repeat (If Necessary)

In most cases, the first round is not going to be enough.

You will need to do this at least 2-3 times before the results come through. If you had left the Bar Keepers Friend on for an hour, it is going to require more scrubbing.

Continue to go through this process and you will realize the surface is going to get better with each round that’s completed.

Final Thoughts

If Bar Keepers Friend ruined the stainless steel in your kitchen, the steps mentioned here should go a long way in helping.

If Bar Keepers Friend ruined the stainless steel, start by wiping the surface with a clean cloth, re-apply the Bar Keepers Friend, wait 30 seconds, and scrub vigorously. Repeat the process until the stainless steel looks good again.

Do not rush this process.

You will want to follow the steps properly this time around. As long as you do this, the cleaning solution is going to work and it will clean the stainless steel surface as desired.

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