28 Creative Bathroom Organization Tips To Implement Right Away

Organizing a bathroom is essential.

You will want to ensure everything is in the right place and nothing gets lost in the room.

This becomes a challenge when tossing items into the cabinet or misplacing them in other parts of the home because the bathroom is too small or unorganized.

In our eyes, the most important thing to do is to optimize every inch of the bathroom, whether small or big.

Let’s take a look at the best bathroom organization ideas to figure out what works.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are always a good option.

We find these to be easy to set up and ideal for creating more vertical spacing in the bathroom.

Most people are only going to think about horizontal spacing because that’s what is accessible to them in the bathroom as soon as they walk in. However, properly installed wall shelves are going to open up new space that wasn’t there before.

Floating shelves are a great option for this reason alone.

Bathtub Shelving

Continuing with the idea of shelves in the bathroom, it’s important to look at where they are being placed.

We would take the time to look at bathtub shelves.

These are shelves that are going to be placed above the bathtub in the bathroom. As a result, you can put items related to taking a bath on them without wasting space.

Soap Dish

Where are you going to put the soap on the counter?

It is essential to have a spot that is going to allow you to put the soap in a safe spot without having it get in the way.

We like the idea of a good soap dish.

The soap dish will work well and is going to make sure the counter stays clean.

Label Maker

This is often a good option for those who are going to be setting up containers with different bathroom accessories in them.

It becomes confusing figuring out where everything is as soon as you have the containers set up.

We would look at getting a label maker to ensure you can create a label on the spot without thinking twice.

Toilet Tray

A good toilet tray is your best friend.

This is one of those unique bathroom organization ideas that’s going to work well and is going to be easy to set up.

You are going to have a tray that is going to have bathroom accessories in it and it’s going to be placed on the toilet tank. This is easy to manage and can be moved if you want to lift the tank’s lid.

Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are going to often come under the sink.

This is a common spot for them.

However, this might not be enough space for your items in the bathroom. As a result, you are going to have to create more storage space in the bathroom.

We would look at getting a standing bathroom cabinet and putting it along the wall.

Container Labels

We mentioned getting a label maker, but it’s also important to have container labels that are going to go on the containers.

You can get pre-designed ones from the store too.

This comes down to what you want and how they are going to look as soon as the containers are set up.

Do not underestimate how important this can be when it’s time to set things into motion.

Rolling Cart For Bathroom

A good rolling cart is advantageous when it comes to creating more space in the bathroom and ensuring you can still reach it.

You can put smaller bathroom accessories on top of the rolling cart and have it move around too.

This looks aesthetically pleasing because it’s unique and it is going to be quite helpful too.

Toilet Brush Holder

A good toilet brush holder is essential as you are not going to want to toss it into a random part of the bathroom.

This is a good way to not only organize the space but also keep it clean. It is also essential for creating a bathroom theme because of the holder’s prominent design and color.

We would look at getting one that is elegant.

Shower Pole

A good shower pole is going to be useful depending on the size of the bathtub.

We would look at getting a shower pole that is easy to install as this is going to hold all of your shower accessories.

You can also look at a shower caddy, which is going to be slightly smaller and that will be mentioned later in the guide.

Towel Bar

Where are your towels going to go?

A good towel bar is a neat idea because it’s going to manage the moisture better and it’s easier to use in the bathroom.

We recommend setting up the towel bar in a spot that is accessible. This is going to ensure the towels are ready whenever you want to use them and you can put them on the towel bar as soon as you are done using them too.

Woven Basket For Towels

If you are going to want to have clean towels ready to go in the bathroom, we would make sure to have them out of the way.

This is where a beautiful woven basket is going to be useful for storing clean towels.

You can put the towels neatly inside the woven basket and then access those towels whenever you need them inside the bathroom.

Over-The-Toilet Shelves

The shelving in the bathroom is always important for organizing everything and creating a theme in the bathroom.

As a result, we would look at putting shelves over the toilet.

This is good because it helps create a unified look with the rest of the space and it’s going to be in line with what you want.

Hanging Organizer

What about the space on the inside of the bathroom door?

A lot of people don’t realize but this is free space for you to use for bathroom accessories and it should be taken advantage of.

We would aim at going with a hanging organizer that is easy to set up and is going to suit the theme of the bathroom as soon as it is in place.

Soap Tray

A good soap tray is a must.

The soap tray is going to work well because it’s going to allow you to put the soap in a convenient spot.

This is also going to make it easier to store the rest of the items inside the cabinet. This is a lot better than having it all out in the open as this will look ungainly.

Towel Rack

If you want to go with a comprehensive look then you are going to want to go with a modern towel rack.

The towel rack is going to allow you to hang the towel inside the bathroom in a clean spot.

A comprehensive towel rack is useful because it is going to have a unified spot for the towels in the bathroom.

Over-The-Toilet Storage

Placement of storage options in the bathroom is never a bad idea.

You are going to want to take the time to consider over-the-toilet storage. This means having a spot where you can put bathroom accessories and not take up too much space when it comes to movement in the room.

This is one place where you are not going to be walking, so it makes sense to have a storage setup there.

Makeup Organizer

What about your makeup?

A lot of people are going to use their makeup inside the bathroom. This means it’s essential to have the items nearby and ready for use.

This is why we like getting a makeup organizer.

As a result, you are going to know where each item is as soon as you need to use it in the bathroom.

Shower Caddy

This is a secondary option for those who are in a smaller bathroom.

A shower caddy is quite helpful.

Rather than putting everything on the tub floor, why not get a shower caddy? This is going to make sure things are accessible when you are taking a shower in the tub and they are not spilling or getting into your feet.

Standing Shelves

Standing shelves are a good option for those who want to create more space inside the bathroom.

We like this option because you can get beautiful shelves that are going to look the part and stand out appealingly.

These shelves are powerful and ideal for those who want something unique.

Toilet Paper Stand

Toilet paper is never easy to manage but you are going to want to ensure it’s accessible from the toilet.

As a result, we usually set up a toilet paper stand in the bathroom.

This is where you are going to put the toilet paper rolls and they are going to be easy to get to whenever you want to use them.

Under-The-Sink Organizer

This is one spot you are going to be putting items throughout the day.

Most people will put a majority of their bathroom accessories under the sink. This is one convenient spot that is going to keep the mess out of the way.

However, you still want to keep it organized.

This is where the organizer is going to shine as it is made for this purpose.

Wire Baskets For Bathroom Accessories

Wire baskets look aesthetically pleasing and they are also spacious enough for all of your bathroom accessories.

We would look at getting a few of these baskets to help store items.

If you have shelves, you can then put the wire baskets on top of them to keep the baskets out of the way.

Hanging Cabinet Organizer

The inside of your cabinet has to be protected but it also needs to be used the right way.

We would look at going with a hanging cabinet organizer.

The hanging cabinet organizer is empowering because it is going to allow you to get more use out of the space inside the cabinet.

Drawer Dividers

Do you have drawers inside the bathroom?

If so, you are going to want to look into buying drawer dividers. These dividers are going to allow you to organize every inch of the drawer.

You are not going to have to think too much about where your accessories are or the important items you are putting into the drawers.

Wall Rack

A good wall rack is never a bad option.

This can be a simple rack that is set up close to the sink. You are going to have it installed on the wall and it’s going to hold smaller bathroom accessories that you are going to want to use in that space.

This type of rack can be anywhere in the bathroom depending on what you are putting on the rack.

Baskets For Organization

Good baskets are going to make a difference when it comes to organizing bathroom accessories and/or items that are going to be used in this space.

We look at getting sizable baskets that are going to suit the theme of the bathroom and are going to look the part too.

Tiered Basket In The Bathroom

If you are looking for a vertical solution then it’s time to consider a tiered basket.

This is going to have two or three tiers and is going to stand straight.

This will give it a more prominent look and it’s going to give you access to more vertical space for bathroom accessories.

Turntable Organizer

A turntable organizer is fascinating.

The first thing that appeals to us is its look. This is unique and it’s going to stand out whenever someone is in the bathroom.

We also find it convenient because it’s easy to use and you are not going to have to think twice about how it’s going to work.