21 Bathroom Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

The color of a room is often essential in setting the tone.

If you are not taking the time to focus on the bathroom paint color, you are going to be missing out on beautifying it the way you want.

There are some bathroom paint color ideas that stand out more than others. Here is a look at some of the best colors for bathroom paint.

Dusty Pink Bathroom

Want a feminine bathroom aesthetic?

It’s normal to want to go down this path and the best option is a dusty pink bathroom. This type of bathroom is going to convey a sense of cleanliness and elegance that’s essential when you want to choose a pleasing color.

The dusty pink effect will be gorgeous and easy on the eyes.

Accent Wallpaper In The Bathroom

Using wallpaper in the bathroom is always a lovely idea and is recommended for those who want to mix things up a bit.

We would look at the accent wallpaper as a way to add a bit of texture to the space. it will also make the space feel bigger and more meaningful.

You can then combine it with a beautiful paint color to complete the look.

Wooden Storage In Bathroom

Wooden storage options in the bathroom are always intriguing.

This is going to offer the type of aesthetic that’s pure and clean from all angles. We would take the time to look into this and see how it can be spiced up to meet your needs.

The wooden storage is going to be effective and safe as soon as it is set up.

Light Blue Bathroom

This is one of our favorite colors because it’s easy on the eyes.

Choosing a bathroom paint color that’s pleasing to look at is never a bad idea. We enjoy this type of aesthetic because it’s straight to the point and you are going to have a lovely time setting things up as soon as you are ready.

Go with the light blue paint and add wonderful decor elements to beautify the bathroom.

White And Gray Paint In Bathroom

The right combination of colors is often going to be a good way to set the tone in the bathroom.

We adore the white and gray aesthetic.

It’s charming and calming.

You will also notice it will feel more airy compared to other paint colors, which is never bad.

Minimalist Bathroom

Sometimes, it’s the simplicity that’s going to get the job done.

Bathroom paint does not have to be exuberant and we do like this minimalistic solution. It’s appealing from all angles and has that charm you are going to want out of a modern-day bathroom.

It’s sleek, elegant, and ideal for those who want something well-rounded.

Mood Lighting In The Bathroom

What about the lighting in the bathroom and how it works with the bathroom paint?

We like this combination because it’s multi-layered.

You are getting not only the aesthetic of the paint but also how the mood lighting is set up. It reflects off the surface beautifully.

Split Paint Bathroom

This is a unique aesthetic.

You are going to go with a split design.

This incorporates two split looks where you are going to combine them to create one. This helps establish a grand theme that is beautiful to look at and conveys a specific emotion too.

Dark Purple Bathroom

This is a color that is often compared to elegance and we adore it.

There is a sense of luxury associated with a dark purple paint color. It’s refined and it simply works well in the bathroom because it’s going to add a sense of richness to the room immediately.

We find this to be a great option that’s clean and effective.

Gold Accents In The Bathroom

What type of accents are you using in the bathroom?

We would take the time to look at the use of gold accents. These are elegant and offer the type of charm that’s going to blow you away.

It signifies a sense of class that’s hard to beat.

Statement Wall Bathroom

A statement wall is a nice option for the bathroom.

This means one wall is going to have a selected design that’s unique to the rest of the bathroom.

This helps set a theme and also draws attention to that wall while displaying a specific aesthetic. You can pick and choose how you optimize that statement wall based on your preferences.

Floating Shelves Bathroom

Are you looking to add decor pieces to the bathroom?

We would take the time to incorporate floating shelves into the bathroom. This is one of the best ways to add new accessories to the bathroom without taking up too much space.

This is going to look beautiful and it’s going to allow the paint color to pop too.

Half Paint and Half Wallpaper Bathroom

What about a half-paint and half-wallpaper look?

This is going to look at having the paint play off of the wallpaper in the bathroom. We like this aesthetic because it’s balanced and it’s going to offer the type of splash that you are going for.

This simply works well.

Gold And White Bathroom

This is a refined combination and we love it.

The gold and white bathroom is a real winner. You can’t go wrong with this because it’s simply going to be outstanding as soon as you set it up.

The gold and white bathroom is going to be elegant and it’s going to offer the type of charm that’s needed in this day and age.

Green Paint And Wall Art Bathroom

Green paint is great because it’s earthy and warm.

We like the overall freshness of the green paint and the wall art is going to be icing on the cake to personalize the bathroom.

Look to choose quality wall art that’s going to act as the statement piece in the bathroom.

Gold And Black Paint Bathroom

Gold and black paint is all about sophistication and a refined look that is perfect for those who want something empowering.

You are going to adore how this looks as soon as it is set up.

We adore the gold and black aesthetic because it’s charming and wonderful from all angles.

Black And White Bathroom

Black and white is a classic combination and it’s going to do well in a bathroom too.

We like this look because it’s going to have a cleaner aesthetic that is straight to the point and is not going to get in the way of the bathroom’s features.

We like the crispness of the design.

Dark Green Bathroom

The dark green bathroom paint is incredible and hard to beat.

You are going to notice how it’s going to convey a sense of luxury through its warmth. This is what we appreciate about modern bathroom paint ideas because it should be clean and warm.

You are going to adore this bathroom paint idea because it’s not going to disappoint you.

The dark green will be perfect.

Gold And Green Bathroom

Gold and green is a nice combination for a modern bathroom.

The gold is going to complement the green and it’s going to cultivate a charming aesthetic that’s perfect for your vision.

We like the use of the green as it adds a bit of earthiness to the design and empowers the gold to pop more.

Accent Wall Bathroom

What about setting up an accent wall in the bathroom?

This is a great option because the accent wall is going to act as the statement wall in the bathroom. It’s going to add texture to the space and look amazing.

We recommend this look for those who want something unique.

Copper Bathroom

Copper is not the first paint color you are going to think of when it comes to a new-age bathroom idea.

However, this will work well and it is going to look classy too.

You are going to adore how it turns out and it’s going to elevate the other features in the bathroom too.