Bathtub Jets Won’t Turn Off! (Fixed)

When you are dealing with bathtub jets that won’t turn off, it becomes important to figure out what the root cause is.

The jets are supposed to work without interruption and continue to offer a consistent flow that is in line with what you desire. If this does not happen, you are going to see below-par results.

This is why it’s best to figure out why the bathtub jets won’t turn off.

The bathtub jets won’t turn off because the breaker is malfunctioning or the jets are going through a filtration cycle. To fix the issue, reset the breaker connected to the bathroom, clean the jets, and let it cycle for a few minutes.

For most property owners, just waiting for the filtration cycle to complete will get the job done. This should take a few minutes and then you will be good to go.

If you want to immediately fix the issue, kill the breaker and reset it. This will reset the bathtub jets too.

Here is a look at what you have to do when the bathtub jets won’t turn off.

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Steps If The Bathroom Jets Won’t Turn Off

1. Wait A Few Minutes For The Filtration Cycle

When the bathtub jets won’t shut off, you will want to wait a few minutes for the filtration cycle to complete.

What is the filtration cycle?

The jets have a built-in mechanism to clean the water and make sure it’s coming out properly. If the filtration cycle is activated, the jets will continue to run until the cycle is complete.

For a situation such as this, the best thing you can do is let the filtration cycle run. It will not take a long time to complete and it will be good for the jets too.

Of course, if it continues to run for too long, this means the issue does not have to do with the filtration cycle.

It is likely the breaker that is the real issue.

bathtub jets won't turn off

2. Reset The Circuit Breaker

Now, you will want to take a look at the circuit breaker that is going to the room.

This is going to make sure you are getting electricity flowing to the room and when something goes haywire, it is likely the circuit breaker that is the real issue.

You will want to reset the circuit breaker when this takes place.

By resetting the circuit breaker, you are instantly going to turn off the bathtub jets. This will allow you to inspect what is going on while also taking a look at whether or not this is the sole issue you are dealing with.

3. Clean The Jets

When you are resetting the circuit breaker to the bathtub, you will also want to make sure to clean the jets.

This is a good time to do so.

Just take a cleaner and wipe it on the jets. You will want to take off any debris that is lingering on the jets as that can become an issue later on.

While this might not help with the bathtub jets turning off, it is still important to do this whenever you get the chance to do so.

It will help over the long-term and that is something you do want to keep in mind.

bathtub jets won't turn off

4. Re-Test The Bathtub Jets

The last step is going to be to re-test the bathtub jets to see if they turn on and off.

If the bathtub jets are now turning off, you will want to cycle through the on/off switch a few times.

This is going to make sure everything is right.

Sometimes, the bathtub jets might turn off but are not going to turn on anymore. This is why you want to reset everything and just cycle through the on/off switch a few times to make sure everything is in good standing.

It’s a simple way of doing things properly.

Final Thoughts

These steps will assist when the bathtub jets won’t turn off.

If the bathtub jets won’t turn off, the main cause often has to do with the filtration cycle. It will take a few minutes for the cycle to complete. The second reason can include a faulty connection. To fix the issue, let the jets run for a few minutes, reset the circuit breaker, wipe the jets, and try again.

At this point, it should be working the way you want it to.

For the most part, it is the filtration cycle that is the root cause of the problem. When this takes place, just letting the bathtub jets run for a few minutes will ensure your jets turn off on their own.

Otherwise, the circuit breaker has to be the next thing you take a look at.

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