The Bathtub Lip Sticks Out! (Solved)

Bathtubs are installed in specific spots to optimize the space.

This includes creating a rough-in, assessing where the plumbing will go, and also ensuring everything has been waterproofed.

While all of this is true, it is common for the bathtub lip to stick out. If the bathtub lip sticks out, this can create a situation where it’s difficult to hang the drywall and/or tile the surface without it looking out of place.

If the bathtub lip sticks out, the best solution is to use a shim to fill the space. To do this, measure the gap, place a shim inside, and staple it into place. Another option is to add an entire sheet of drywall to serve the same purpose.

It’s a common issue and it happens due to the shape of a bathtub and how it is set up against the wall.

Using a shim for a bathtub lip that sticks out is a simple and effective solution. You will find it easy to do and it’s not going to get in the way of anything whether it’s drywall or tiles.

This guide will shed a bit of light on what to do if a bathtub lip sticks out.

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Steps To Follow If The Bathtub Lip Sticks Out

1. Measure The Gap

When a bathtub lip comes out, it’s important to measure the gap.

You will need a proper measurement for how much of the bathtub lip is sticking out. With this number in hand, you can begin to rework or reshape the shim.

For the most part, the gap is not going to be extensive making it easy to place a simple shim in and then staple it. This is an important part of the process and you should take your time with it.

Retake the measurement and also ensure you have a good read on the shim’s size too.

bathtub lip sticks out

2. Cut & Place A Shim In The Gap

Once you have reworked the shim, it’s time to begin placing it.

You will want to make sure the gap is filled as that is why the bathtub is sticking out. Once you take away the gap, it will sit flush the way you want it to.

This creates a seamless, effective look that you are after.

When you are putting the shim in place, make sure it is set up properly. This includes not having it at an angle as this creates an unappealing finish.

3. Staple The Shim Into Place

You will now want to finish the task by stapling it into place.

Before stapling the piece, you will want to continue to move it around. This will let you see different angles and get a better read on what is good and what is not based on the shim’s location.

This information is pertinent.

You always want to have the shim put in a place where the tiling or drywall can be installed. This will matter or the next step is going to become difficult to manage.

As you are working on the shim, you will want to have it in a straight line. It is also important to have it wedged in a spot that will fill the gap and is going to let you secure it wisely.

bathtub lip sticks out

4. Retry Placing Drywall Or Tiles

The last step is going to be the addition of drywall or tiling.

This is going to depend on the project you were managing at the time. It is important to go through the measurements again once the shim is in place.

This will let you know how the drywall or tiles are going to go once set up.

Be patient with this step and continue to get a good read on the layout of the bathtub. This includes how the lip is set up with the shim in place.

If it is flush, it is good.

Final Thoughts

These tips are the best to follow if a bathtub lip sticks out.

If a bathtub lip sticks out, the best solution is to use a shim. The shim will be cut and stapled into place to fill the gap. To do this, measure the gap, cut the shim, and insert it in the gap. Once done, begin tiling or adding drywall as intended.

It’s a simple process and most of the focus is on the measurements.

You will want to get it spot on and that is only going to happen when you take the right measurements. This will require a bit of time and focus but it is going to create the type of finish you are after at home.

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