Bathtub Trip Lever Is Not Working! (Fixed)

When you are using a specific type of bathtub, it’s common for there to be what is known as a trip lever.

This is responsible for how the bathtub stopper works including whether it’s open or not.

This is important as you are going to want to make sure water continues to drain the right way and does not become an issue when it comes to using the fixture.

This becomes a problem if the bathtub trip lever is not working.

If the bathtub trip lever is not working, it’s best to start by checking the link for damage, removing the lever, and then replacing it with a new one. Another option is to plunge behind the trip lever to see if it drains properly.

You will want to go through both options to see which one works for your situation.

Sometimes there is a blockage behind the bathtub trip lever that needs to be worked on. If you take the time to inspect this, you are going to get the results you are after.

This article is going to look at what to do if the bathtub trip lever is not working.

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Steps On How To Fix A Bathtub Trip Lever

1. Check The Link

The bathtub trip lever is going to have a connecting point when it comes to the stopper and the lever itself.

You will want to inspect this link.

If there is something wrong with the link, it is naturally not going to help with how the bathtub drains.

This is the first place you are going to want to look as it is naturally the main issue for most people.

If there is damage to the link, this means the bathtub trip lever has to be replaced. It is the only way to get it to work as it should or the bathtub will not drain properly.

2. Consider Replacing The Bathtub Trip Lever

Next, you are going to want to think about which type of bathtub trip lever is being installed once it is time to replace the older one.

It is essential to be thorough when it comes to something like this.

You are not going to want to rush as that is going to lead to subpar results.

Make sure the new bathtub trip lever is set in the right place and there is nothing impeding the link between itself and the stopper.

If you take the time to do this, you are going to be happy with how things turn out. The new link will be perfect.

3. Pull The Bathtub Trip Lever Out

When you are thinking about changing the bathtub trip lever, there is one additional thing to look out for.

You might not always have to change the bathtub trip lever.

The goal here is to see if there is something else causing the bathtub trip lever to not work properly.

This could be something behind the trip lever that is clogging how it functions.

As a result, you are going to want to open things up with the use of a quality plunger. Get the plunger ready and then pull out the bathtub trip lever.

4. Use A Plunger Behind The Bathtub Trip Lever

The last step is going to be to use a plunger and see if you can push behind the bathtub trip lever.

This is going to let you get behind there and then see how things play out when it is time to see what works and what does not.

The plunger is going to allow you to see whether or not there is a blockage that has to be removed.

Be thorough while looking for this blockage as even a new bathtub trip lever is not going to work until you get rid of it.

Final Thoughts

Look into these steps as you pinpoint why the bathtub trip lever is not working.

If the bathtub trip lever is not working, the most likely issue has to do with a damaged link between it and the stopper. To fix the issue, inspect the link, replace the bathtub trip lever if the link is damaged, or use a plunger behind the trip lever to get rid of a potential clog.

You will want to look into each step to see what needs to be done in your situation.

For some cases, the main issue is going to be the link between the stopper and the bathtub trip lever.

In other situations, it is going to be the blockage that is the problem.

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