How To Remove Bed Bugs In Refrigerator (Explained)

Bed bugs are a nuisance and can wreak havoc around the house.

Most people will associate them with their beds and how they can get into the sheets or mattress leading to biting.

This is why you will want to be diligent and make sure to get rid of the beg bugs in your home as soon as possible. However, what happens when there are bed bugs in the refrigerator?

If there are bed bugs in a refrigerator, remove the food, set the fridge to the coldest setting, Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the bed bugs, and then wipe the internal surfaces using a cloth.

For the most part, bed bugs are not going to live when the fridge is in the coldest setting for an extended period. They do not do well in such an environment and will seek a warmer spot nearby.

If some do survive, the vacuum cleaner will take care of them instantly.

Be thorough and wait at least a day or two for the cooling process to work. It will take a bit of time but it is going to work out.

Here is a breakdown of what you are going to need to do with bed bugs in the refrigerator.

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How To Remove Bed Bugs In Refrigerators

1. Remove The Food And Beverages

You will want to look at taking out the food and/or beverages right away.

It is important to make sure the bed bugs do not get into these. While it is rare for this to happen, it is still the first step that needs to take place.

You will want to set aside the food and dump anything that was left in the open when it was inside the fridge.

If the items were covered then you will be fine to keep them for later.

As of right now, the step is to look at getting rid of opened food and then make sure the rest is set aside or put in another place for cooling purposes.

2. Set Fridge To The Coldest Setting

You are now going to use the cooling method to get rid of bed bugs in a fridge.

In general, there is a point where the fridge is going to become too cold for the bed bugs to reside. For the most part, this is why bed bugs don’t always go to the fridge unless it is set at a warmer temperature.

Setting it to the coldest temperature is going to make sure the bed bugs don’t survive.

3. Use Vacuum To Remove Bed Bugs

You are going to wait at least a day or two for the cooling to work out as planned.

If you are not focused on doing this, bed bugs are going to linger in hidden spots around the fridge. This is not ideal, so waiting is the way to go.

Once the wait is over, you are now going to look to get rid of the bed bugs inside.

This is going to be done by using a vacuum.

You are going to use suction to get rid of the bed bugs that are on the surfaces in front of you.

Be diligent while doing this to get all of them.

4. Clean The Surface Using A Cloth

You are now going to want to clean the surface after there were bed bugs inside the fridge.

Do not start using the fridge without doing this as it is unsanitary.

Look to use a cleaning agent that will work well inside the fridge. Apply it, let it settle, and then wipe the surface using a clean cloth.

You will not want to miss a spot while doing this as the bed bugs were likely everywhere inside the refrigerator.

You will also want to make sure to get into the corners as that is where bed bugs tend to collect when it is too cold. It is a good spot to target during the cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

It is this advice that will help remove bed bugs in a refrigerator.

If there are bed bugs in a refrigerator, the first step is to take out the food and beverages. Now, set the fridge to its coldest setting, wait a few days, and then vacuum out the bed bugs remaining inside. Once done, wipe the surface using a good cleaning agent to sanitize the fridge.

This is how you are going to make sure nothing is left behind letting you know there were bed bugs in the fridge.

Some people start using the fridge without doing this and that is unsanitary. It is always best to clean it.

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