How To Choose Between Bed Frame Vs No Bed Frame

It is often difficult to understand the layout of a bedroom to make sure it is aesthetically appealing, modern, and in line with your vision.

Most homeowners will look at the basics including where the bed will be placed, which curtains are going to be used, and what the theme will be. These do matter, but it’s important to get the foundation right starting from the bed itself.

You want to start by comparing a bed frame vs no bed frame.

Choosing between a bed frame and no bed frame comes down to preference. Those wanting to do without a bed frame will prefer being closer to the ground, want increased stability, and don’t mind a reduction in airflow.

It was often assumed getting a bed frame is mandatory but that is long gone now. It is up to the homeowner and what type of look you are going for with the room. It can also come down to your sleeping needs.

Some people prefer lying close to the ground while others don’t.

This article will help showcase four deciding points when deciding between no bed frame and a bed frame for your bed.

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Comparing A Bed Frame Vs No Bed Frame

1. Proximity To The Floor

It all starts with how low to the ground you are on the bed.

With a bed frame, you are going to immediately increase the height of your bed. For example, you will want to have it set up in a manner where you are higher to the ground due to the bed frame having its own height.

In comparison, if you decide to go without a bed frame then you will remain lower to the ground. In this case, all you are going to have is a base and a mattress.

This is not going to have the same height as when you would put a bed frame down under the mattress.

bed frame vs no bed frame

2. Positioning of the Bed

When you choose a bed frame, you are going to have to take this part of the bed into account during the placement of the bedroom furniture.

You are not going to have an easy time placing the bed frame as it will take up its own space. This has to be accounted for when you are moving the bed around and putting it all into place.

This is why a lot of people end up going with no bed frame, especially in smaller bedrooms.

The idea of having ample control with a bed that is lower to the ground can be appealing. It takes up less visual space due to how tall it is.

On the other hand, some people prefer a taller bed as it makes the bedroom look more noticeable. This is all down to preference.

3. Posture

The bed frame is not going to be as easy on a person’s posture unless the mattress is perfect. It is a lot less forgiving.

Most people notice a change in how they sleep by being lower to the ground. It is a more natural way of sleeping and that is something the body will feel good about.

On the other hand, it is harder for some to rest lower to the ground because they prefer the height. It often depends on the quality of the bed frame as a sturdy option will do well at any height.

bed frame vs no bed frame

4. Airflow

Choosing a bed frame means you are going to be higher off of the ground.

This is where the airflow is going to be better and a lot of people find that appealing. In warmer climates, you are going to want that airflow to make sure you don’t get warm during the night.

In colder climates, you may not care as to how the airflow is but that is once again a personal preference.

Final Thoughts

These are the factors to consider when comparing a bed frame vs no bed frame.

A bed frame is good if you want to be higher off of the ground, enjoy an increase in airflow, and position the bed to take center stage. While removing the bed frame lowers the bed, makes it easier to set up a smaller bedroom and does improve a person’s posture.

It’s best to sit down and look through what the positives are of each option before choosing. There is no wrong answer as each person will have a unique take on what their sleeping needs are.

You should choose based on which one works well for your body and bedroom. This is what matters the most.

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