Can The Bed Not Be Centered On A Wall? (Answered)

The placement of a bed in the room is often focused on the specific direction it’s in. This includes where the bed is facing, which side of the bedroom it’s set in, and/or how far away from the wall it is.

However, there is another factor to account for when it comes to the location of a bed in the room.

You will want to focus on whether or not the bed is centered on a wall. Is it fine for a bed to not be centered on a wall?

There’s nothing wrong with a bed that’s not centered on a wall. You can place the bed as you deem fit. However, the most common decor tip is to center the bed on the longest wall of the bedroom. This creates a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing look.

Your main goal should be to consider the overall layout of the bedroom.

This includes where the bed is positioned and how it looks once everything is set up. If this means a bed that is not centered on a wall then that is the right way to go.

Do not get caught up in rigid home decor rules when they might not apply to your situation moving forward.

This article will take a look at the benefits of a bed that’s not centered on a wall and what to consider when placing a bed in the room.

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Benefits Of A Bed Not Centered On Wall

1. Helps Create More Space

With an off-center bed placement, it’s important to consider spatial efficiency.

Some bedrooms are not ideal for having a centered bed. It can throw off the rest of the space and end up cutting down how much usable space there is in the bedroom.

Due to this, it becomes important to make a decision and ensure you are setting up the bed in a way that makes the room more efficient.

This can include setting up a bed that’s off-center to a wall.

bed not centered on wall

2. Easier To Customize

This is an underrated advantage when it comes to centering or not centering a bed in the bedroom.

You will want to personalize the space and that’s difficult when you are following a cookie-cutter rule such as all beds should be centered on a wall.

This can take away a lot of your options immediately.

Doing away with this rule of thumb is a major positive. It will allow you to tailor each aspect of the bedroom decor and ensure it looks the way you want it to.

3. Better For Smaller Bedrooms

A bed that is off-center can look good in smaller bedrooms.

The reason comes down to making sure you have the bed in a spot that doesn’t cut half of the room right away.

This is possible depending on how the bedroom is set up.

If it is a long room, you might have a situation where everything is cramped. This is why people prefer to have the bed off-center as it leaves a significant chunk of the room as a walkable space.

bed not centered on wall

Does Bed Have To Be Centered On Wall?

A bed does not have to be centered on a wall. It can be placed off-center or in a corner of the bedroom depending on the rest of the layout. The more common rule of thumb is to have the bed centered on the longest wall but this is not mandatory. Do what works best for your space.

How Do You Balance A Off-Center Bed?

To balance an off-center bed, use furniture and/or wall hangings to fill the space. This creates a beautiful, personalized space that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Can You Put Your Bed In A Corner?

You can put the bed in a corner. It’s common for this layout to be seen in smaller bedrooms to help open up space on the other end of the room.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about with a bed that’s not centered on a wall.

There’s nothing wrong with a bed that’s not centered on a wall. This is a common choice with smaller bedrooms as it helps open up space. However, the common rule of thumb is to have the bed centered on the longest wall of the room. It’s best to choose what works best for your space and optimize its layout.

This is the only way to go about choosing where the bed is set up. Don’t get lost in whether to put it in the center of a wall or not.

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