Why Is My Bed Too High With Box Spring? (Fixed)

The bed’s height is one of the most underrated elements of a good sleep experience.

It’s normal for people to worry about being too high or too low when it comes to their bed. Perhaps, you are in the same situation with your bed? You might have a bed that is too high with a box spring.

If a bed is too high with a box spring, the best solution is to remove the box spring and set plywood across the base of the frame. This will act as the foundation for your mattress to rest on.

It’s often assumed a box spring is mandatory.

It does not have to be as long as you are willing to find a strong base for the mattress. In the end, this is the only factor you have to account for.

This article will go deeper into some of the main options available to you when the bed is too high with a box spring.

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Options To Fix A Bed Too High With Box Spring

1. Replace Box Spring With Plywood

If the bed is too high for you, it’s important to reduce it by removing specific elements.

One element that you can remove is the box spring.

A box spring is set into place because it acts as a sturdy base for the mattress. Keeping this in mind, all you need is a replacement for the box spring.

If that’s true, you can take out the box spring and put a piece of plywood in its place.

This will act as a solid base for the mattress to rest on without the added height. It’s a simple fix as long as you make sure the plywood is the right size.

By taking out the box spring, you will immediately cut the height by several inches.

bed too high with box spring

2. Remove The Slats & Replace With Smaller Frame

If the bed is tall, you have to find ways to cut things down by making adjustments to the bed itself.

A good example can be a bed with slats.

This is an easy way to remove the slats and have a smaller frame inside the base. This will allow the mattress to rest at a shorter height rather than having it sit on the slats.

This can take a bit of work, but it’s an option you can implement if you don’t wish to take out the box spring.

3. Choose a Thinner Mattress

This is one option that is going to be available to you if you don’t like the idea of removing the box spring.

In this example, you are going to find a smaller mattress for the box spring.

There are mattresses available on the open market that are thinner and will not take up as much space. You can set one on your box spring and watch as the height of the bed drops immediately.

It’s a simple fix but you are going to have to pay for it.

bed too high with box spring

How Do You Lower A Box Spring?

To lower a box spring, the best option is to take out the box spring and replace it with a piece of plywood. The plywood will sit inside the base of the frame and is going to act as the platform for your mattress.

This is a good fix as it will keep the mattress sturdy while also reducing the bed’s height instantly.

It’s a fix that you can implement quickly as long as you find the right piece of plywood.

Do Box Springs Make Bed Higher?

Box springs do make beds higher because they add several inches to the base. If the box spring is in place, the bed will instantly become higher due to where the mattress sits once everything is put together.

It’s highly recommended to take out the box spring and replace it with a lower base if you wish to reduce the bed’s height.

It’s a good way to fix the bed’s height and not have to worry about it again.

How High Should A Bed Be From The Ground?

A bed should be 16-24 inches off of the ground. This ensures the bed is comfortable, stable, and offers a height that’s aesthetically pleasing once the room is designed.

If you go with a bed that’s too tall, it can become difficult to rest on. You will also worry about falling from such a height.

If a bed is too low, it can look unappealing once everything is set up in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

These are the best options when trying to fix a bed too high with a box spring.

If a bed is too high with a box spring, the best solution is to take out the box spring and replace it with a robust piece of plywood. This plywood will sit across the base and that’s where the mattress rests once everything is put together.

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