Is A Bedroom Above Garage Safe?

Bedrooms are often located in different parts of the house.

It’s common for most bedrooms to be closer to the back of the property. This is done for added protection and to allow for a quieter experience when resting at night.

However, does this mean all bedrooms have to be closer to the back of the house? What about a bedroom above the garage?

It is safe to have a bedroom above the garage and it is permitted by most building codes. It’s important to note, a bedroom here will be exposed to noise from below. This includes when work is being done in the garage or when the garage door is opened and closed.

If you are aware of these issues and don’t mind a bedroom above the garage then it’s a worthwhile investment. It will make use of more space upstairs.

This article is going to look at what to consider with a bedroom above a garage and how to make sure it’s a good fit for your property moving forward.

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Factors To Consider With A Bedroom Above Garage

1. Noise Disturbance

Sleeping can be difficult in a bedroom that’s above the garage.

The reason has to do with the amount of noise that’s generated in this part of the house. Whether it is the garage door opener whirring in the background or power tools being used, it will be loud at all times of the day.

In a lot of homes, this is a serious concern if DIY projects are commonplace. It might not be appealing to have someone working on cutting wood when you are resting in the early hours of the day!

This is something to keep in mind especially if there is a lot of movement in the garage at different times of the day.

Noise can be an issue for a lot of people in situations such as these.

bedroom above garage

2. Heat Insulation

The amount of heat that adds up during the warmer months can be difficult to handle.

Due to where the bedroom is, it’s common for the heat to go through the insulation and enter the room. This will become difficult to handle if it is already hot indoors.

The temperature can rise quickly and this gets worse when the door is closed.

It’s important to keep this in mind when it comes to insulating the bedroom above a garage and then making sure it will be comfortable at all times.

The best course of action is to get a powerful HVAC system that will push cooling into this part of the house during the hottest days of the year. This is the only way to counteract all of the heat that enters the room.

3. Movement Due To Garage Door Opening And Closing

You can also end up dealing with a significant amount of movement when it comes to a garage door opening and closing.

It’s essential to look at how loud a garage door opener is going to be and how much the bedroom rattles. In some properties, the rattling will be substantial enough to wake you up when you are sleeping.

This is something to account for depending on how the bedroom is going to be used.

If someone will be sleeping in that part of the house then this might be a detail to think about. The same applies to getting a garage door opener that is too loud.

bedroom above garage

4. Odors From Below

In some cases, there will be chemicals that are going to start spreading into other parts of the house. It might not be dangerous, but the scent is still going to be noticeable.

This often depends on the type of chemicals that are being used in the garage.

It might be a simple project that is being completed in the garage. If the chemicals are sitting in the garage, they might start to spread upwards into the bedroom.

This might not smell nice to those who are in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when there is a garage below the bedroom.

A bedroom above the garage is safe and will be in line with modern building codes. It often comes down to personal expectations including noise tolerance, movement tolerance, and the amount of traffic in the garage during the day.

If it is a busy place with DIY projects being done, it might not always be wise to have a bedroom on top of the garage.

This is something to account for before moving forward.

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