Berber Carpet Vs Regular Carpet (Compared)

When choosing a carpet for your room, you are going to come across a wide array of designs with each one looking promising.

Each type of carpet can work depending on the rest of your room’s fixtures and decor. In the end, that is what decides the direction you go in.

During this research phase, you are going to come across a Berber carpet. This is a unique type of carpet that is sold on the open market and is commonly chosen by people.

This is why it’s important to understand the differences between a Berber carpet vs a regular carpet.

A Berber carpet tends to come in a lighter color with darker flecks of color spread throughout its design. It comes uncut and tends to have a loop pile commonly found in North Africa. In comparison, regular carpets are cut and prepped while having different color schemes.

When choosing between a Berber carpet and a regular carpet, you have to decide on the look you’re going for.

This is what will push you in the right direction.

This article will compare a Berber carpet vs a regular carpet to showcase the differences before you choose one over the other.

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What Is A Berber Carpet?

Berber carpets have visual and structural differences. It starts with the light color infused with darker specks of color creating a blended aesthetic. This type of carpet also comes with a loop pile and has an uncut design.

Berber carpets are originally from North Africa and are commonly sold in that part of the world.

Due to their rich history, these carpets continue to be in demand worldwide.

Choosing Between A Berber Carpet And A Regular Carpet

1. Color Scheme

The first thing you are going to notice between the two types of carpet would be the color scheme.

Berber carpets tend to have a more structured, speck-filled color scheme. This is due to the North African influences on the aesthetics of the carpet.

In comparison, a regular carpet will have a linear color pattern.

berber carpet vs regular carpet

2. Loop Pile

A loop pile is specifically designed to maintain the woven structure of a carpet.

North African carpets such as a Berber carpet rely on this type of look and feel. It is specifically done to make sure the aesthetic of the carpet is in line with the structured look of the carpet.

This is a detail most people notice when it comes to how the backing is set up on the carpet.

A regular carpet does not have this and will steer clear of the “woven” look.

3. Cut Vs. Uncut

This is another difference that is seen between a Berber and a regular carpet.

A traditional carpet is going to have a cut look, which means the binding is going to be set in place and it is not going to be woven.

While carpets come in all types, this is a common theme with a regular carpeting option.

On the other hand, a Berber carpet is going to have a woven look to it, which means it is going to be uncut. Otherwise, the look would be difficult to project. This is immediately noticeable when you hold the carpet in your hand.

berber carpet vs regular carpet

4. Aesthetics

This is where the biggest difference lies when you are choosing between a Berber and a regular carpet.

Due to the patterned design of a Berber carpet, you are going to notice its presence right away when it is on the floor.

While a regular carpet can slip into the background if you choose a lighter color.

This is why it’s important to consider this element when you are seeing which type of carpet works best for your room.

Do you want the carpet to have a presence? If so, the Berber carpet is going to be the right fit as you can choose a pattern that works for you.

Is Berber Carpet Cheaper Than Regular Carpet?

Berber carpets are much cheaper than regular carpets. This is due to them having an uncut design with a loop pile backing. This is why they are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as an alternative to traditional carpeting.

Final Thoughts

This is the information you need when it is time to compare a Berber carpet vs a regular carpet.

A Berber carpet comes from North Africa with a noticeable loop pile backing and tends to mix light colors with dark speckles to create a patterned design. It is also more affordable. In comparison, regular carpets have a crisp, cut design with strict color schemes.

It’s important to choose what works for your room.

If you want a carpet that stands out then a Berber carpet is the way to go.

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