Best Paint For Shower Floor (And What To Buy!)

The shower floor is one of the more ignored parts of a bathroom and it can take away from the overall aesthetic of your shower. It’s essential to understand that this has to be well-maintained for the tub not to develop mold and/o r other related issues. With this in mind, it’s time to look at the “best paint for shower floor” right now.

The best paint for shower floors is epoxy floor paint. This is perfect for moisture-ridden surfaces and will age gracefully as time goes on.

Take the time to find the best paint for shower floors and know you are going to see incredible results as soon as you put it to the test.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Paint
  • Brand
  • Age of the Floor

With the “best paint for shower floor” you want to take a look at everything and that includes the shower itself. If the flooring is starting to show serious signs of wear and tear, it might be better to replace the floor itself.

This is something you are going to have to gauge beforehand.

In general, it’s best to look at painting the shower floor with epoxy floor paint because it will yield good results and is easy to do.

This guide will tell you more about the “best paint for shower floor” and what to look for when you are buying epoxy floor paint.

Best Paint for Shower Floor (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips for Buying the Best Paint for Shower Floor

1. Must Be Waterproof

With the “best paint for shower floor” you have to focus on the fundamentals.

In this case, the shower is going to be filled with moisture and that is something you can’t avoid. The shower floor is always going to be in contact with water as that’s just a part of what it is all about.

However, you have to find paint that can handle water. This is a must!

Epoxy floor paint is great because it is water-resistant. It is not going to get damaged as soon as a bit of water runs across the surface. This alone is a major advantage for epoxy floor paint in your shower.

It is going to age gracefully just because of it being waterproof.

A waterproof paint for your shower floor is the bare minimum when you are looking at different options. Anything less won’t cut it!

Best Paint For Shower Floor

2. Should Offer High Alkali Resistance

This is a detail many homeowners don’t think about and it leads to significant issues later on.

The idea is you want to look for a high alkali resistant paint. This is the only way you are going to avoid having issues with mildew/mold throughout the years.

Now, this is not 100% prevention, but it will help with the spread later on.

Paints that don’t offer this type of resistance can start to wear down quickly and become a problem for mold development.

This is a smart decision that is going to help now and over the long-term.

The shower is always going to be wet and that is why these issues develop. With a high alkali resistance of pH 13, it is possible for the paint to do well in all situations.

This is key when looking for the “best paint for shower floor.”

Best Paint For Shower Floor

3. Should Handle Hydrostatic Pressure

Most homeowners will look at a waterproof paint for their shower floor.

Yes, a waterproof paint is good and that is a basic requirement. However, you have to look beyond this requirement to find the right paint for your shower floor.

The goal is to look at the hydrostatic pressure the paint can handle.

This refers to the pressure of the water that is hitting the surface regularly (i.e. when you turn on the water).

It’s recommended to use paints that have a hydrostatic pressure capability of 12 psi.

If the paint can’t handle water pressure, it will begin to chip away.

This is why a psi of 12 is a must to ensure the shower floor remains in good shape for a long time to come!

Related Questions

1. Can You Paint A Shower Floor?

Yes, you can paint a shower floor and it is recommended to use epoxy floor paint for the task. This type of paint is waterproof, great for hydrostatic pressure, and ages gracefully.

2. Can You Paint A Tiled Shower Floor?

Yes, you can paint a tiled shower floor and it is recommended to avoid using any water-based paint for the task. It should be specialized paint that is designed for tiles only.

Final Thoughts

This is what you have to look at with the best paint for shower floors.

If you use epoxy floor paint, the results are going to be impressive and the shower floor will never be a problem for years to come.

This is great for your shower as a whole!

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