Best Tamper-Resistant Outlet (What To Buy)

Finding the right tamper-resistant outlet is all about knowing what to look for and which brands stand out the most.

Some are good and others will disappoint.

If you don’t have a good tamper-resistant outlet, it might not provide the level of safety you require within an electrical circuit. It might also refuse to work as required, which brings along with it a new set of hurdles!

To keep things simple, it’s important to find the best tamper-resistant outlet on the market.

The best tamper-resistant outlet is one that is well-built, offers comprehensive Torx screws for protection, and remains easy to install. If a tamper-resistant outlet offers these qualities, it will be an excellent fixture for years to come.

Do not settle for a below-par tamper-resistant outlet that is going to burn out in seconds.

This guide will offer a look at the three best tamper-resistant outlets available right now and what makes them brilliant.

Leviton T5632-W (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

Leviton T5632-W Type-A USB In-Wall Charger with 15A...
  • POWERFUL: 2 high-powered charging ports with 3.6A of charging power
  • SMART: Built-in smart chip recognizes the individual device‚Äôs charging requirement to optimize the charge (Does not provide...
  • CONVENIENT: No more searching for charging adapters. Upgrade your existing outlets so you can charge up to two USB powered...

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This fascinating tamper-resistant outlet has everything you require for the short and long term. It’s resilient, well-made, and works well in all electrical circuits once set up.

It starts with the built-in smart chip allowing the outlet to optimize each charge based on the device’s specific electrical needs. This ensures the device does not get burnt out by a sudden overload from the outlet.

This outlet also provides two high-powered charging ports providing ample electrical power in one go when necessary.

Whether it’s the compact design of the overcurrent protection, this is an all-in-one outlet that does it all. You are not going to be disappointed with having this set up inside your property.

It is made with a purpose and is something that is going to last for a long time to come.


TOPGREENER High Speed USB Charger Outlet, USB Wall Charger,...
  • Wall outlet with USB ports ensures all your devices stay charged while leaving room for other appliances. Charge two USB...
  • 4.0A, 5VDC combined charging capacity; each USB port can reach up to 2.4A on a standalone charge. Provide the fastest charge...
  • Smart and safe charging with Intellichip built into the USB ports. Recognizes power need of connected devices, then delivers...

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When it comes to finding a fixture that will age gracefully and offer a comprehensive set of features, this world-class outlet from TOPGREENER is the real deal.

It starts with the 4.0A charging capacity making it easier to use for those who want to maximize the outlet’s power.

It also has two USB ports that are ideal for modern devices. This is done intelligently with the help of a built-in smart chip.

ENERLITES Decorator Receptacle Outlet

ENERLITES Decorator Wall Receptacle Outlet, Tamper-Resistant...
  • Durable construction made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic cover and body for long service life....
  • Modern decroator style outlets suitable for residential use in homes, apartments, condominiums and for commercial use in...
  • Shallow body design fits standard junction boxes. Back insert and side terminal wiring (copper only). Break-off plaster ears....

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The ENERLITES Decorator Receptacle Outlet is a masterpiece when it comes to efficiency, safety, and overall quality.

This outlet has a high impact-resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic cover ensuring it withstands ongoing pressure and works well in all types of environments. Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting, this outlet is not going to let you down once.

It comes equipped with a shallow body design ensuring the installation process is a breeze.

Not only does it come with a robust build, but it’s also one of the more aesthetically pleasing tamper-resistant outlets on the market right now.

Are Tamper Resistant Outlets Better?

Tamper-resistant outlets are better because they offer added protection, pass modern building code regulations, and work well in all types of situations. Most contemporary outlets are now temper-resistant.

It’s recommended to look at all viable options when choosing a new tamper-resistant outlet for your property.

Compared to a regular outlet, this will offer comprehensive protection and make a noticeable difference when it’s time to get an inspection done.

If there are building code regulations to keep in mind then that also has to be taken into account. It’s best to go through your region’s building code to see what’s required and what’s not.

Do New Outlets Need Tamper Resistant?

Modern building code regulations state 15 & 20 amp outlets need to be tamper-resistant. All new outlets under this category have to be tamper-resistant or they will not pass an official inspection.

This is due to the safety requirements associated with contemporary structures.

With an undue number of child deaths from plugging foreign objects into outlets, these tamper-resistant designs have become commonplace worldwide.

As a result, it is recommended to only install tamper-resistant outlets on your property.

They are well-made, easy to set up, and keep everyone safe too.

Final Thoughts

Look into these options for the best tamper-resistant outlet available right now.

Each outlet has something unique and offers a robust set of qualities that will leave you impressed. Property owners should not settle for less when it comes to a safety element such as this one.

The tamper-resistant outlet is a key part of modern electrical circuits and should be taken seriously.

Look at these options and choose the one that fits your budget and will be a seamless fit into your circuit.

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