Best Way To Hang Towels In Bathroom (Explained)

When you take a shower, you will often want to dry off and move on with your day.

This is when mistakes are made because how you hang your towel in the bathroom is essential. This is going to improve how the towel ages, smells and looks.

A lot of people simply toss their towel to the side and hope it dries on its own. Yes, it will dry, but it won’t be efficient nor will it look clean!

This is why you need to find the best way to hang towels in the bathroom.

The best way to hang towels in a bathroom is to use a towel bar. Place the towel on the bar, make sure it does not have wrinkles and watch as it dries quickly. Do not crumple, toss, or fold the towel.

You want to have it set at a high where airflow will improve the drying process. A lot of people don’t do this and this leads to inefficient results.

By hanging the towel on a towel bar, you are going to see much better results and the towels will stay cleaner too.

This article will explain more about what you should consider when it comes to the best way to hang towels in a bathroom.

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Tips On The Best Way To Hang Towels In The Bathroom

1. Use A Towel Bar

When it comes to the best way to hang towels to dry, you will want to set up a towel bar.

The towel bar is great because it sets the towel at the right height, remains accessible, and is going to work with all types of towels.

Most people worry about not having a set spot for their towels, which is why the towel bar works like a charm.

It’s the easiest way to make sure you are using the towel bar in a way where it will dry the towels quickly.

best way to hang towels in bathroom

2. Hang The Towel Evenly On The Bar

When you are setting up the towel, you will want to make sure it is spread evenly on the towel bar.

A common mistake is to keep the towel crumpled and then toss it onto the bar. Yes, this might work, but it is going to elongate the process unnecessarily.

Your best option is to place the towel nicely on the bar and spread it from one end to the other.

This means half of it should be on one side of the bar and the other half should be facing you.

3. Don’t Fold The Towel Into A Small Square

You are never going to want to fold a towel into a small square and put it on a shelf.

This is a common mistake that is made because people want to save space. Yes, you are going to save space, but it is also going to slow the drying process.

You can also have odors that start to spread when you do this.

Only do this if you don’t have space to hang the towel in your bathroom and have to resort to a shelf.

best way to hang towels in bathroom

4. Always Hang The Towel High Off The Ground

When you are looking for the best spot to hang a towel in the bathroom, it’s important to find a spot that is off the ground.

You don’t want to toss the towel to the side and hope that works.

This will not work!

You are going to have to get a towel bar that is set at a reasonable height. This will ensure you have a good chance when it comes to drying the towel and using it later.

Do Towels Dry Better On Hooks Or Bars?

Towels dry better on bars because they are not crumpled or twisted out of shape when hung. The bar allows you to spread the towel and make sure it dries properly.

How Do You Hang Towels Nicely In A Bathroom?

To hang towels nicely in a bathroom, use a specialized towel bar. This towel bar will act as a drying spot for the towel and will ensure it does not get creased or crumpled when drying.

Final Thoughts

This is the best way to hang towels in a bathroom.

The best way to hang towels in a bathroom is to use a towel bar set on the wall. The towel can go evenly on the bar and will dry quickly. This is safe, effective, and works for all types of towels.

Any other option is going to be ineffective and will take much longer.

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