The Best Way To Keep Unused Toilets Clean (Explained)

It’s important to look at all options when it is time to maintain an unused toilet.

A lot of people assume there is nothing to care about when it comes to an unused toilet. After all, if no one is using the toilet, there is no reason to clean right?

Wrong, this is when the toilet will start decaying and it will collect debris that is hard to clean later. This is why a proper maintenance schedule for an unused toilet is the way to go.

It’s important to learn the best way to keep unused toilets clean.

The best way to keep unused toilets clean is to pour a bowl of cleaning vinegar into the toilet, wait 12 hours, and then rinse it. This will get rid of bacteria, remove stains, and keep the unused toilet clean year-round.

The last thing you want to do is avoid cleaning an unused toilet.

This is when things don’t work out and the toilet begins to decay. You have to take action and have a plan in mind for how you are going to maintain an unused toilet.

Here is a breakdown of what you have to do when it comes to the best way to keep unused toilets clean.

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Steps For The Best Way To Keep Unused Toilets Clean

1. Rinse The Toilet

When cleaning an unused toilet, it’s important to rinse it.

This will help get rid of excess debris and/or residue that is collected on the surface. This is often going to be loose and will be easy to remove.

Just a quick splash of water should get rid of it.

You can also flush the toilet a few times to get rid of the grime. Everything leftover will need to be worked on using the solutions that are listed in this guide.

It is always recommended to flush the toilet throughout the week even if it is unused. This keeps it clean.

best way to keep unused toilets clean

2. Pour Cleaning White Vinegar Into Toilet

Now that you have rinsed the toilet bowl, it’s time to look at the solution.

You are going to want to use cleaning vinegar.

This vinegar is going to be potent and will help get rid of bacteria and/or stains that collect in the bowl.

To do this the right way, you can empty the toilet bowl by draining the water. You are then going to pour white vinegar and coat the entire surface.

Don’t miss a spot while doing this as that will allow the surface to be coated by cleaning vinegar.

3. Wait 12 Hours

When you are done adding white vinegar to an unused toilet, it’s time to wait.

It is common to want to quickly rinse the toilet bowl and be done with it. This might seem like a good idea but it won’t let the cleaning vinegar do its job.

The goal should always be to let it settle.

How long should you wait?

There is no fixed timeline for this process but you should at least wait a minimum of 12 hours. This is why it’s best to do it at night and then wait until you get up in the morning to rinse it.

If you wish to wait even longer, there is nothing wrong with that.

best way to keep unused toilets clean

4. Rinse The Toilet Again

After the time is over, you are going to have to rinse the toilet bowl.

You can do this with cold water.

The first step is to flush the toilet as that will pour water over specific parts of the toilet bowl. For the rest, you can use a watering can or anything that will allow you to rinse the bowl from top to bottom.

This is often a good time to clean the outside of the toilet too.

You don’t want to forget about this part because it will also need cleaning from time to time.

Final Thoughts

This is the best way to keep unused toilets clean.

The best way to keep unused toilets clean is to flush the toilet, pour cleaning white vinegar into the bowl, wait at least 12 hours, and then rinse with water. This will help get rid of bacteria and/or stains inside the toilet.

Having an unused toilet does not mean it is going to be clean.

It will need to be maintained just like any other toilet in the house. This includes rinsing it with cleaning vinegar from time to time.

Create a schedule and then maintain the toilets in your home. This will ensure you don’t have a toilet that starts to look aged or stink the house.

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