The Bottom Of Oven Cracked! (Fixed)

Most people will use an appliance without assessing its structural integrity.

If the oven is not retaining heat and/or working correctly, it’s important to check the bottom of the oven. It is likely the bottom of the oven is cracked.

If the bottom of the oven is cracked, unplug the oven, remove the racks, disconnect the heating element, and inspect the base. Find the crack, apply heat-resistant silicone, and re-install everything.

You must inspect the crack to make sure it is not spreading. This is one of the biggest concerns a person deals with when hoping to fix a cracked oven base.

Follow the steps in this guide to make sure you fix an oven that is cracked from the bottom.

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How To Fix Bottom Of Oven That’s Cracked

1. Disconnect The Power

If the bottom of an oven is cracked, this is a major issue.

You will want to start by unplugging the oven. You do not want electricity running to the oven as that can lead to electrocution.

Once the oven has been unplugged, you are going to be ready to move forward with the repair.

It is also recommended to pull the oven away from the wall. While this is not going to matter while working on the oven’s floor, it is still a good practice to uphold since it provides access to all sides of the appliance.

This could be useful if you want to take something out or inspect the back of the oven later.

bottom of oven cracked

2. Remove The Oven Racks

If there is a crack in the oven floor, you are going to have to inspect the surface.

How are you going to do this?

The best option is to take out the oven racks one by one. The reason for doing this is to make sure you have an unobstructed view of the oven’s floor and the crack.

This is why taking the racks off and putting them aside is a must.

3. Remove The Oven Element

You are now going to look at the oven element that is sitting at the bottom of the oven.

You will need to take out the oven element.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you don’t ruin the oven element or its connectors while repairing the crack.

Even filling a crack in the oven floor is going to require space and you will want the oven element out of the way.

The same goes for anything else that might be in the way.

bottom of oven cracked

4. Inspect The Base

You are now going to begin inspecting the crack in the oven floor.

If there is a crack in the bottom of an oven, it’s going to be noticeable. Sometimes, the crack is going to be a few inches while other situations could have a massive hairline crack in the oven that is noticeable from afar.

Measure the crack and write this down.

The reason for measuring the crack is to keep tabs on it for later. Is it growing wider after you fix it?

This will be a sign the solution has not worked. Just write the number down and keep it for later.

You can also take a picture if necessary.

5. Apply Heat-Resistant Silicone On Top Of The Crack

You will now begin working on filling the crack in the oven.

To fill a crack at the bottom of an oven, you are going to want to use silicone. Heat-resistant silicone will deliver value when it comes to getting the results you are after.

Take the silicone tube, apply the silicone in a thin line over the crack, and fill it properly.

You will need to wait a few hours before putting everything together.

Do not turn on the oven until the silicone has had a chance to dry and solidify. This will take a few hours and you will need to be patient.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details if the bottom of the oven is cracked.

If the bottom of the oven is cracked, start by unplugging the appliance. Next, take out the oven racks, disconnect the heating element, inspect the crack, and fill it with a heat-resistant silicone. Wait a few hours for it to dry and then re-install everything.

This is how you are going to fill the crack at the bottom of the oven without ruining anything.

Be thorough when doing this and always take pictures if you are not going to be replacing the base.

The pictures will be a good way to know whether or not the crack is growing again. However, silicone should work well for this task.

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