How To Fix Burnt Wires Behind Outlet (Step-By-Step)

When figuring out how to fix a burnt electrical outlet, it’s important to understand what the root cause is and how to get on top of this problem without ruining the circuit.

A lot of components are interlinked when it comes to the electrical circuit on the property.

You have to be diligent, inspect everything, and ensure you are replacing damaged or burnt parts immediately.

When it comes to burnt wires behind an outlet, you have to know what to look for and how to replace them properly.

Burnt wires behind an outlet can be a sign of an overpowered circuit or poor connection. To fix the issue, turn off the power supply, remove the faceplate, inspect the wiring for burn marks, replace the wiring, and set up a new outlet.

This is the only way to ensure the electrical outlet is not exposed to potential fire risks as time goes on.

This guide will explain more about what to do with burnt wires behind the outlet and what to consider during a repair job.

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Steps To Fix Burnt Wires Behind Outlet

1. Turn Off The Power

You will want to start by turning off the power going to a burnt outlet.

The reason for this is to make sure you are not touching a live wire when you are working on fixing the burnt wiring. This is a serious hazard and something you should not take lightly during the setup process.

Take your time to prep for the repair including making sure power is not running to the outlet during the time of your repair.

Be patient, turn off the power supply at the breaker panel, and make sure you are thorough while prepping for the task.

This will make sure the results are in your favor and you are happy with how much access you have to what’s behind the faceplate.

burnt wires behind outlet

2. Remove The Faceplate

Now, you are going to unscrew the faceplate.

This is what will be in the way of you and the burnt wiring.

Each faceplate is going to have a unique mechanism when it comes to the removal process. For the most part, it is going to be two screws that will hold the faceplate in place.

Your goal has to be to do this neatly as a way to not ruin the faceplate or the wiring that is behind it.

When you do take the faceplate off, put it to the side. You might need it later if you decide to avoid changing the outlet.

3. Check For Burn Marks

The burn marks are a major sign that there is an electrical surge that has gone through the outlet.

This is unsafe and it is a sign something is wrong with the electrical circuit or one of the components (i.e. wiring, outlet).

You will want to inspect for black residue on an electrical outlet as that is a sign that you will need to make changes.

If you notice the black marks on an outlet or the wiring, it’s time to replace the component. It is not going to be salvageable.

burnt wires behind outlet

4. Replace Burnt Wiring and Outlet

This step involves taking off the wiring and changing it.

You should also look to change the outlet and go with something that is far more robust. This is going to ensure the outlet is fully protected and you don’t have a situation where it will continue to burn as time goes on.

This is why experts state it is better to change the outlet if there are burn marks.

You don’t want to use something that will become a risk later on. Just keep it simple, change the wiring, and then go with a new outlet.

Once you are done, you can turn the power back on and test the new outlet.

Final Thoughts

It is these steps that matter when it is time to fix burnt wires behind an outlet.

Burnt wires behind an outlet are commonly caused due to a power surge or damaged components. To fix the issue, turn off the power supply, take off the faceplate, search for burnt wires, and replace them. You will also need to replace the outlet itself.

It is always better to change everything rather than swapping out one or two components. This ensures everything gets a proper refresh.

When you swap out one component, it can still create issues because everything else has been compromised.

Don’t take the chance and go with a new outlet.

This is how you are going to know the outlet will work the way you want it to and the issues that plagued it before are going to be long gone. It is this decision that can make your life easier later.

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