Cabinets To Go Vs IKEA Cabinets (Compared)

Kitchen cabinets are a staple piece of any modern space and have to be well-designed to improve the look of the kitchen.

Due to this, more and more people are becoming particular about where they get their new kitchen cabinets from.

Two names that continually pop up are Cabinets To Go vs IKEA cabinets.

Cabinets To Go is known for having a long list of designs, robust build quality, and customizable elements. On the other hand, IKEA cabinets are more affordable, compact, and easy to set up. The right choice meets your kitchen’s needs and overall budget.

Most people will have a specific design in mind when choosing between these companies. It often revolves around a particular color or material that is on offer.

There is nothing wrong with deciding based on your budget and which design speaks to you.

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to dive deeper when comparing Cabinets To Go Vs IKEA kitchen cabinets. This comparison will look at what each one has to offer and how they compare to one another.

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Comparing Cabinets To Go Vs. IKEA Cabinets

1. Styles

Let’s start with the basics.

Your priority is going to be to find the right cabinet design. Do you want something compact? Do you prefer choosing a more robust, wood-based design that has a bit of bulk to it?

These little details are subjective and can’t be decided for you.

On the whole, Cabinets To Go is specialized to sell cabinets. This means you are going to gain access to a wide array of designs that IKEA does not have.

What IKEA does is offer a few kitchen cabinet styles but they are well-made and compact. This ensures you get something that has been used by others and is ready to go.

cabinets to go vs ikea

2. Build Quality

The next detail to compare would be the build quality.

When comparing IKEA cabinets vs Cabinets To Go, you have to focus on how reliable the cabinets are once they’re installed.

For the most part, both companies do an exceptional job of building high-value kitchen cabinets that don’t age rapidly. If you set them up properly, these are going to last for decades.

You can’t go wrong with either brand when it comes to overall reliability.

Cabinets To Go also allows for some customization making it easier than ever before to tailor what you are getting. While IKEA has a set of options that are routinely upgraded to make sure they’re better with each passing day.

This means, either way, you are getting a good deal in terms of longevity.

3. Cost

Now, this is one detail that is going to sway you one way or the other.

IKEA cabinets are often noted for being more affordable per piece. This is something to account for when you are looking to find low-budget kitchen cabinets on the open market.

Cabinets To Go specializes in creating high-grade cabinets, so they are a bit more pricey. However, if you time things well, you can always find sales online.

Anyone that is on a budget will likely veer towards IKEA kitchen cabinets. However, it’s always recommended to look for specific designs and then filter out options. This will ensure you don’t settle for something that will not look the way you want it to.

cabinets to go vs ikea

4. Warranty

You have to dig through the warranties for each company before investing. There is nothing worse than the cabinets breaking down on you and then not having a way to repair them.

This can happen with inferior kitchen cabinet providers that are not serious about what they are selling or are looking to make a quick buck.

Let’s dive into their warranty programs.

IKEA kitchen cabinets are equipped with a 25-year warranty.

This includes:

  • Legs
  • Frames
  • Hinges
  • Strips
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Toekicks

Everything else has a limited warranty.

With Cabinets To Go, the cabinets come with a lifetime limited warranty. This includes coverage for hinges, drawer glides, and door hardware.

However, Cabinets To Go does not cover any cabinetry that is installed outdoors or was treated with negligence by the owner.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details when deciding between Cabinets To Go vs. IKEA cabinets.

Cabinets To Go is all about craftsmanship, using premium materials, and offering a wide array of designs. On the other hand, IKEA kitchen cabinets are more affordable, compact, and easier to set up. The right choice is what works best for your space.

Both are good choices and you can’t go wrong with either as long as you find the best possible design for the space.

Always keep this in mind when choosing.

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