California Closets Vs Container Store (Compared)

When it is time to look for a world-class closet for your home, it’s important to only choose companies that are reputable, efficient, and ready to provide a resolute solution.

This is harder to find than you think.

The two companies that you are going to come across during your research will be California Closets vs Container Store.

California Closets is known for offering vetted materials, customized designs, and attentive timelines. In comparison, Container Store has a more online-centric experience and affordable designs.

The average consumer is going to have a set budget in mind.

This budget is going to play a role in what you end up getting. This includes the design you choose, how the material works out, and what value it adds to your overall experience.

This article is going to help compare California Closets vs Container Store and which cabinets are best for your home.

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Comparing California Closets Vs Container Store

1. Designs

Let’s start with the designs.

California Closets tends to have much better and more refined designs than Container Store.

The reason for this comes down to the customization process. You will have a specialist come to the house, look at the layout, and come up with features that will elevate the space immediately.

This is something you are not going to get with Container Store.

Yes, Container Store does offer a long list of designs but they are not going to be as tailored as what you will get with California Closets.

To a lot of homeowners, this does matter when choosing what works for your closet moving forward.

If you are picky about how the closet is going to look and be used then it’s time to veer towards California Closets. The amount of customization you are going to get is exceptional.

Container Store also helps in this regard but most of it is done online. This can leave a gap between what you imagine and what you get.

california closets vs container store

2. Installation and Planning

What is one of the most important parts of getting a closet system?

You are going to have to think about the personalization and installation phase.

For personalization, California Closets makes sure things are done the right way. The specialist is more than willing to help you online or offline at your home. This comes down to your schedule.

Get the professional to come in and take a look at the layout of the room before coming up with a good closet system.

The installation process is also faster with California Closets as everything will already be tailored for you.

Container Store attempts to customize the elements and does a good job. However, most of it is done online.

This means it can end up taking longer for those who prefer getting it done in person with an initial consultation call.

3. Finishing

The finishing is good for both companies.

The materials are fully vetted and you are going to appreciate the attention to detail as soon as the closet system is set up at home.

Both California Closets and Container Store are renowned for offering premium materials that are vetted.

This means you are going to get what you want when it is time to get a new closet system at home.

california closets vs container store

4. Pricing

This is where the differences start to show.

California Closets is legitimately far more expensive than Container Store. This is due to the amount of detail that goes into the customization process.

You are paying a premium for that service, but you will also end up with a closet system that is tailored to your room.

Container Store does not offer the same pricing, which makes it far more affordable. You can end up saving up to $2,000 with this company for a similar system.

It comes down to your budget and what type of design you want.

Final Thoughts

Look into these factors as you choose between California Closets vs Container Store.

California Closets is renowned for using premium materials, offering a comprehensive customization process, and prioritizing customer service. In comparison, Container Store is far more affordable and has an online customization setup.

This is why it’s best to know what your budget is going into the process. It will make deciding a lot easier.

If you have a stricter budget then it’s okay to go towards Container Store. It is a high-grade service for that price point.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue, you should go with one of the better names in the industry right now. California Closets will send a specialist for the consultation and make sure you get what you want.

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