Can A Bedroom Have An Exterior Door? (Answered!)

Bedrooms tend to follow a cookie-cutter design with an interior door, closet, four walls, and windows.

Within this layout, each bedroom tends to vary whether it is in size, look, or decor.

However, one factor property owners don’t think about is an exterior door. Can a bedroom have an exterior door?

A bedroom can have an exterior door. if it is at ground level, a bedroom can include a door that opens to the outside world. In most cases, it is rarely used and not a recommended option for the average property.

Based on research done into this subject, most property owners don’t use the exterior door in a bedroom. Instead, it simply becomes a part of the bedroom that has to be maintained and cleaned throughout the year.

As a result, it’s better to use the space for a window to keep things simple.

Here is a look at what to account for when adding an exterior door to your bedroom.

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Factors To Consider When Adding Exterior Door To Bedroom

1. Building Codes

Setting up an exterior door in the master bedroom is fine but it’s still important to look into the building codes.

This is an addition to the bedroom that has to be handled with care. There are specific fire and safety regulations in place for any exterior door inside a property. This applies to the bedroom’s exterior door too.

Most building codes will allow an exterior door in the bedroom.

It’s best to make sure the dimensions are right and you choose a safe spot. Remember, the exterior door must open outwards for it to be a valid exit.

If it does not open outward, this might fail an official inspection.

The reason has to do with safety and making sure the interior of the property is not blocked by an exterior-grade door.

Can a bedroom have an exterior door

2. Location of the Exterior Door

You will want to account for where the exterior door is going to be located.

In most cases, it’s best to have the exterior door in a place where it’s easy to access from all parts of the bedroom. You don’t want to have to dodge around the furniture to get to the door as this might make it a pointless fixture.

By having it in a more central location within a bedroom, it is a lot easier to use throughout the year.

Exterior doors in bedrooms are only useful when they are properly installed. This includes finding the right spot for them.

Don’t attempt to stuff it in a corner and hope for the best. This is what will lead the exterior door to become useless.

3. Type of Exterior Door

You will also want to factor in which type of exterior door for a bedroom is useful.

It is best to use a robust door as this is going to be exposed to the outside world. It should be robust and fully protected, unlike traditional interior doors.

Remember, you will also want to block out the sound that might come through this fixture. If you are not careful, it can become quite loud.

This is why the seal has to be strong and in line with every other exterior door at home.

Can a bedroom have an exterior door

4. Usage

As mentioned before, most homeowners are not going to use or need an exterior door in the bedroom.

It is not going to get the type of use a person thinks.

The reason has to do with not needing to exit from the bedroom. In most situations, the bedroom is going to be located near the back of the house, so exiting from here means having to walk all the way around to the front of the house to get to a vehicle or garage.

Most people prefer to go out of the garage due to this simple reason.

However, it also depends on the rest of your layout. Do you have access to a car from the back of the house or where the bedroom is? This might make it more useful as a fixture in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Can a bedroom have an exterior door?

You can have an exterior door in the bedroom. This is legal. It is recommended to find the right spot for the door and make sure it opens outward. If so, it will pass a legal inspection and meet your bedroom’s requirements.

In most cases, it’s best to look at your situation and see whether or not an exterior door in the bedroom is beneficial.

Start here and then make a decision.

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