Can A Loft Be Considered A Bedroom?

The term “loft” isn’t going to define whether or not it is a bedroom. This is a common detail homeowners will ask about as they are looking around the house and determining what is what. In general, you are going to wonder, can a loft be considered a bedroom?

Yes, a loft can be considered a bedroom as long as it meets the necessary dimensions. A bedroom can be only be defined as one if it is 7 feet wide and 7 feet in height. It must also have a 5.7 square-foot window to qualify as a legal bedroom.

If you have a loft at home then it’s best to start measuring.

You may be surprised as to what is and what is not a bedroom. Sometimes, what you are thinking is a simple loft could be a small-sized bedroom with a few adjustments.

Key factors include:

  • The Size
  • Window
  • General Layout

If you are thinking about getting renovations done in the loft then this can be taken into consideration before making any changes. By asking “Can a loft be considered a bedroom?” you may end up increasing the value of your property with a few simple tweaks.

Don’t be afraid to look at the options available to you and make sure you find a good fit for your needs.

This guide is going to look at the query “Can a loft be considered a bedroom?” with an emphasis on understanding the fundamentals of a minimum-sized bedroom.

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Qualities of a Minimum-Sized Bedroom

1. 5.7 Square-Foot Window

Let’s start with the basics of turning a loft into a bedroom.

A minimum-sized bedroom is going to require at least one window. This window will have to measure 5.7 square feet.

It is important to get these measurements done in advance to ensure there’s enough space for the loft to be turned into a manageable bedroom. If you are going to be adding the window later on, make sure it is at the right height as well.

Don’t have it too low to the ground.

It should be somewhat in the middle of the wall based on how high the ceiling is.

It’s recommended to speak to a professional when asking “Can a loft be considered a bedroom?” because they can guide you down the right path in this regard.

Can a loft be considered a bedroom

2. 7 Feet in Length

The next detail will involve the length of the loft.

You will want to measure the longest side of the loft to see whether or not it is at least seven feet in length.

The goal is to make sure it is wide enough to the point where everything is spread out properly. This means you are going to want to measure the longest wall from one end to the other. If it clears seven feet then you are good to go.

Please note, the longest side of the loft should measure at least 7 feet for it to be defined as a legal bedroom.

As stated above, it is okay for another side of the loft to be slightly shorter.

As long as the largest side crosses that seven feet mark, you are going to be good to go legally.

Can a loft be considered a bedroom

3. 7 Feet in Height

An additional detail to think about when asking “Can a loft be considered a bedroom?” comes down to the height of the loft.

A mininum-sized bedroom is going to be at least 7 feet in height.

This means from the ground to the ceiling, there is going to be at least seven feet of space to walk through without bumping your head.

The tallest side of the room should be at least seven feet. It’s okay for the rest of the loft to be slightly smaller.

It is usually recommended to have more height than this but it is a good starting point.

If you have a smaller loft then this is a key measurement to take.

Related Questions

1. Does Turning A Loft Into A Bedroom Add Value?

Yes, turning a loft into a bedroom adds value. Bedrooms are seen as a highly valued part of modern properties in comparison to lofts and can increase the valuation significantly when it’s time to sell.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Loft Into A Bedroom?

It can cost between $9,000-25,000 to convert a traditional loft into a bedroom. The final cost comes down to the materials being used, amount of space, and labor.

Final Thoughts

Can a loft be considered a bedroom?

Yes, a loft can certainly be considered a bedroom. It comes down to understanding your options when it comes to a loft in the house.

If it needs a window to be turned into a bedroom then that is the right way to go. Having a small-sized bedroom is always a plus point and adds value to the property.

Make sure to take the measurements and see whether or not your loft is a proper bedroom.

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