Can A Toilet Be Moved 6 Inches?

A lot of property owners look at their bathroom and realize its layout isn’t in line with their needs. This can be for several reasons including how the bathroom looks, how accessible the toilet is, and/or general safety issues that present themselves during the year. Keeping this in mind, you will want to ask. can a toilet be moved 6 inches?

A toilet can be moved 6 inches or less without compromising its integrity and/or the associated plumbing. The vertical wastewater pipe runs under the toilet and there’s a related toilet flange that allows for movement. Due to how the flange is positioned, a toilet can be moved up to 6 inches without ruining the plumbing.

It’s important to take your time during this process to make sure everything continues to work properly.

Key factors include:

  • Placement of the Toilet
  • Type of Toilet
  • Placement of the Pipes

For those asking, “Can a toilet be moved 6 inches?” you are always better off leaving the toilet where it has been installed. This is often the best course of action because it will line up well with the wastewater pipe that is running underneath.

However, there are times when you will want to move a toilet a few inches to create additional space whether this is visual space or general space.

Look at the question “Can a toilet be moved 6 inches?” and learn more about what the key factors are in this detailed guide on the topic.

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Tips for Moving a Toilet 6 Inches

1. Adjust the Toilet Flange

You will want to take the time to adjust the toilet flange.

It is due to the flange that you are going to have a bit of space to move the fixture. Otherwise, it would be strictly rooted to the spot and wouldn’t budge the way you want it to.

In most cases, you are going to want to fiddle with the toilet flange to make sure it moves as intended. This can take a bit of work but it won’t ruin the underlying pipe that is running with the toilet.

Focus on this when you begin to move it a few inches.

Start with an inch or two to see whether or not it still works. From this point, you can then begin to move it a bit more.

Can a toilet be moved 6 inches

2. Test the Waste Water Pipe

For those asking “Can a toilet be moved 6 inches?” you will want to have an eye on the wastewater pipe that is running underneath the toilet.

This is where the waste is going to go, so you have to focus on this just as much as the rest of the bathroom fixture.

In general, the wastewater pipe needs to be under the toilet. However, you are going to have the ability to move the toilet around because there is a bit of wiggle room associated with the fixture once it is installed.

The waste water pipe is located right under the toilet and uses gravity to suck waste through meaning it has to be line up properly to function.

Before doing the move, you will want to test the wastewater pipe.

Just get a feel for whether or not water is going through. You will want to mimic the same flow when the toilet has been adjusted later on.

Can a toilet be moved 6 inches

3. Remain Within the 6-Inch Limit

You will have to realize there is only so much space for the toilet to move before it is time to make a comprehensive revamp of the bathroom.

This means you will have to stay within the six-inch limit.

If you go past this limit, there will come a time where the toilet won’t work!

Moving the toilet past six inches will require a complete plumbing revamp or the toilet won’t work as intended.

If you are asking “Can a toilet be moved 6 inches?” then you will already be aware of this being an issue.

It is best to take action by making sure you are only remaining within the six-inch mark. This will allow you to shift the toilet without ruining everything else.

Related Questions

1. How Far Can You Move A Toilet?

A toilet can be moved up to 5-6 inches without having to change the underlying plumbing. Anything past this point will require a complete rehaul of the vertical wastewater pipe that is running beneath the toilet.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Move A Six-Inch Toilet?

It can cost between $2,000-$3,000 to move a toilet six inches within a bathroom. This will depend on the surrounding fixtures, vertical wastewater pipe, and type of toilet.

Final Thoughts

“Can a toilet be moved 6 inches?”

It is possible to move a toilet six inches but it is going to come down to the layout of the bathroom along with the plumbing beneath the toilet.

Most modern toilets can be adjusted using the flange.

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