Can A Toilet Bowl Crack On Its Own?

Over time, the toilet bowl can start to show natural wear and tear. Since it is being used around the clock, there will come a time when the structural integrity of the toilet is going to let you down. As a result, you will often wonder, can a toilet bowl crack on its own?

A toilet bowl can crack on its own due to temperature changes in the bathroom. This can lead to hairline cracks in the porcelain toilet bowl that eventually spread before cracking wide open.

It is important to repair these cracks before the toilet bowl splits apart and has to be completely replaced.

Key factors include:

  • Placement of the Hairline Cracks
  • Number of Hairline Cracks
  • Reason for the Cracks

When you are worried about the question “Can a toilet bowl crack on its own?” you will want to think about assessing your toilet to see how it is doing. There is no reason to panic because adjustments can be made to repair the hairline crack in your toilet bowl.

It is all about taking action and making sure additional measures are set up before the toilet bowl bursts on you.

This guide is going to look at what to do when you start asking “Can a toilet bowl crack on its own?” so the toilet doesn’t end up splitting apart on your bathroom floor.

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Tips for Repairing a Toilet Bowl Crack

1. Use a Porcelain Repair Kit

The best place to start would be a porcelain repair kit.

This is a serious concern for those who want to make sure everything is balanced, efficient, and on par with what is needed to deliver good results.

You will want to make sure the porcelain kit is well-reviewed and then begin to work on the toilet. The benefit of these kits has to do with knowing the hairline crack is going to be 100% filled as soon as you spread the solution on top.

This is critical and it has to be the first course of action when you notice the hairline cracks in your porcelain toilet.

The faster you act, the better it is going to be for the health of your toilet.

can a toilet bowl crack on its own

2. Cut Water Supply to the Toilet Immediately

Before doing anything, you will want to make sure water isn’t in the toilet bowl.

If you are asking “Can a toilet bowl crack on its own?” then this has to be a serious consideration. The reason has to do with moisture buildup inside the crack, which can ruin the integrity of the toilet moving forward.

The more water is spreading inside the crack, the worse it is going to be for your porcelain repair solution to do its job.

Additional exposure to the water will cause these cracks to widen and that is when it becomes messy.

Immediately cut the water supply and then begin to work on the toilet bowl repair.

This is going to make your life easier and the repair work is going to look the way you want it to.

can a toilet bowl crack on its own

3. Check for Temperature Changes

When asking “Can a toilet bowl crack on its own?” you have to look at the root cause of what has transpired.

If you don’t do this, the same issue is going to happen again!

In most cases, the issue has to do with extreme temperature changes. If it gets too hot or cold inside the bathroom, this is more than enough to lead to hairline cracks in the toilet bowl.

Run multiple checks during the day to determine what is the cause for these cracks and whether or not it has to do with the temperature in the bathroom at specific times.

What you should do is continue to take those temperatures and see where the fluctuations are. This will make it easier to adjust the temperature inside your house.

Sometimes, this can happen because the vent in your bathroom isn’t open and/or working.

Make sure to test this, so the bathroom is also set at room temperature.

1. How Do I Know If My Toilet Bowl Is Cracked?

To spot a crack in your toilet bowl, it’s recommended to pay attention to the bathroom floor. If there is a constant puddle of water near the base of the toilet bowl then this is often a sign of a hairline crack along the side.

2. Is A Cracked Toilet Bowl Dangerous?

A cracked toilet bowl is dangerous as it will split apart and lead to significant water damage. This water can spread to all parts of the bathroom including the flooring. It’s important to repair the hairline crack quickly to avoid additional damage to the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

“Can a toilet bowl crack on its own?”

Many toilet bowls crack on their own especially as they age. This has to do with the porcelain losing its structural durability while also having to deal with temperature fluctuations inside the bathroom.

It’s important to take care of this quickly before things spiral out of control!

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