Can A Toilet Drain Have Bends? (Answered!)

Toilet drains are often underappreciated when it comes to the plumbing in a bathroom. This is an integral component in the layout of a bathroom and has to be analyzed in great detail.

The wrong type of toilet drain or an inefficient installation will lead to major leaks or damage later on.

One of the more commonly asked questions surrounding this part of the bathroom is – can a toilet drain have bends?

A toilet drain can have bends. It’s recommended to avoid having a 90-degree bend as this will lead to blockages and unwanted damage. Instead, it’s best to restrict the bend to 45-degrees and then place a straight pipe before adding another 45-degree bend.

The main concern with a bend in the toilet drain has to do with blockages. You don’t want this type of setup to lead to major issues down the road.

By capping the bend at 45-degrees, you have a lot more control of the situation.

This article will take a glance at what to consider when it comes to bends in the toilet drain.

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Tips For Having A Bend In Toilet Drain

1. Avoid 90-Degree Bends

90-degree turns in sewer lines are not a good idea.

This can lead to a restricted plumbing setup that will have issues later on. You have to understand the physics associated with these types of bends for a toilet drain.

The more extreme bends are going to cause the waste to travel unnaturally. When this happens, it increases the likelihood of that waste getting trapped or clogged inside the drain. As soon as this happens, you will have a real issue on your hands to contend with.

This is why most professionals will avoid having a 90-degree bend in the toilet drain. It simply does not work unless you do it with a purpose (i.e. two 45-degree bends).

Having a toilet drain bend 90 degrees is risky. It will lead to a situation where any increase in flow rate will clog the drain in seconds.

can a toilet drain have bends

2. Use A Straight Pipe Between 45-Degree Bends

Let’s assume you want to have a bend in the toilet drain.

What do you do then? Is it impossible?

No, you are going to have the opportunity to set up multiple 45-degree bends in the drain. This will be enough for the waste to go through and not clog the toilet drain.

To get this right, you are going to want to set up a straight pipe between the two bends. This ensures the water continues to push through and has the opportunity to build up steam through the straight pipe before going into the next bend.

3. Spread Out The Bends

Bends in the drainage will have to be handled with a lot of planning.

Don’t expect things to work out on their own especially when there are multiple bends in the toilet drain.

You will have to take the time to find out where the bends are going to be. This includes spreading the bends out as much as possible. If you don’t do this, it is likely the bend will lead to inefficiencies in how the toilet waste drains.

Always spread out the drains to the best of your ability. This is a must.

can a toilet drain have bends

4. Only Use If Necessary

You will want to make sure a bend in the toilet drain is not done for creative purposes.

It should only be done as a last resort when the plumbing won’t work unless there’s a bend. This is common with properties that need a vertical drop for the toilet drain.

You have to only use this type of feature when there is a need for it.

Always account for this when you are figuring out what is necessary for the toilet to drain waste properly.

Final Thoughts

Can a toilet drain have bends?

A toilet drain can have bends in it. It’s recommended to cap the bend at 45-degrees to avoid clogging or unwanted damage to the drain. If you attempt to add a 90-degree bend in the toilet drain, it will increase the likelihood of a blockage.

This is why it’s best to take a step back and plan how the toilet drain is going to run.

If you do wish to add multiple bends then it is best to cap them at 45-degrees each. This will allow the waste to go through the toilet drain safely and uninterrupted.

Making use of a straight pipe is key in toilet drains that have multiple bends. This is how you are going to have the ability to avoid blockages.

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