Can Bathroom Doors Swing Out? (Answered!)

Bathroom doors are often overlooked when it comes to accessibility, usability, and quality.

The bathroom door is going to be used all the time and it needs to be functional. When building a property or redesigning this part of the house, the door has to be analyzed in great detail.

This includes focusing on the question – can bathroom doors swing out?

A bathroom door can swing out or in. It depends on the layout of the property, how the bathroom is positioned, and what works best for the bathroom. It’s common for smaller bathrooms to have the door open out to be more space-efficient.

When looking into this, the goal should be to make the bathroom more spacious and inviting. The door should never get in the way of a person using the bathroom.

Here is a look at why bathroom doors can be made to swing in or out.

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Reasons Bathroom Doors Can Swing In Or Out

1. The Layout Matters

A bathroom door can swing out if that is what the layout demands.

There are several properties that are not going to have enough space inside the bathroom for a door to open inward. This is when a designer will take the time to have the bathroom door swing out as that is how it naturally should move.

It often depends on what works best in the eyes of the designer.

On the other hand, there are times when a bathroom is going to be set up in a small hallway. This is why having the door open outward might block the entire hallway.

This is when it is best to have the bathroom door open inward.

It simply comes down to the layout of the property in a lot of cases rather than preference.

can bathroom doors swing out

2. Focus On Being Space-Efficient

The goal is to open up as much space inside the property and the bathroom.

If the bathroom door opens out, this means the aim is to save space inside the bathroom. However, if the bathroom door opens in, this means the aim is to save space outside.

It is a decision that is made after looking at all of the variables.

Smaller bathrooms can often have a door that swings out to make sure enough space is being saved inside the bathroom. This still varies depending on the rest of the area around the bathroom.

There should never be a point where you feel restricted due to a bathroom door.

This is when things go haywire and the bathroom door starts to get in the way of you being able to move around as a homeowner.

3. Safety

There are safety issues that do apply when a bathroom door is installed the wrong way.

Whether a bathroom door swings in or out, it should never pose a safety risk to those using the bathroom.

It should be easy to move around without getting stuck or hurt.

The design will depend on how safe it is to have a bathroom door swing in or out.

As a property owner, you want to look into these details one by one. The aim is always to pass all established safety regulations instead of taking risks.

If the bathroom door is unsafe, you are going to notice it immediately. This is dangerous and it is the last thing you want.

can bathroom doors swing out

4. Usability

Bathroom doors are used to walk into the bathroom.

It’s as simple as this.

As a result, when designing how the bathroom door swings, it’s important to look at usability in great detail. This means how a person is going to use the door and whether or not it’s easy to get inside.

If the bathroom door starts to interfere with how a person uses the bathroom then the design is all wrong.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Bathroom Doors Open Outwards?

Some bathroom doors open outwards to help open up space inside the bathroom. This is common with smaller bathrooms as the door can end up restricting space. By having the bathroom door swing out, it becomes easier to add new fittings too.

2. How Do I Make My Bathroom Door Swing?

To make a bathroom door swing, it’s important to unscrew the hinges, remove the door stops, and insert new door brackets allowing the door to swing in both directions.

Final Thoughts

Can bathroom doors swing out?

A bathroom door can swing out and a simple change of the door bracket can make this happen. It’s common for smaller bathrooms to have a door that swings out to help create more space inside the bathroom.

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