Can I Use An Incandescent Dimmer With LED Lights?

LED lights are gorgeous and provide exceptional illumination when set up the right way. It’s important to understand how to optimize their installation to make sure they work well and remain energy-efficient at the same time. This is why many property owners end up asking, can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?

An incandescent dimmer cannot be used with LED lights. In most cases, only a specialized dimmer will work with LED lights due to the difference in line voltage and the internal LED mechanisms. The wrong type of dimmer will not function with LED lights.

This is why it’s important to use a standard dimmer for LED lights to ensure the setup functions as desired.

Key factors include:

  • Type of LED Light
  • Line Voltage
  • Internal LED Control

It is these factors that matter when asking, “Can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?” for those who want to make sure the right fit is found.

Too many dimmers offer a wide array of features but don’t work out as intended.

These are the ones you are going to want to avoid. Once you locate a good dimmer for your LED lights, the set up is going to be flawless.

Best Dimmer for LED Lights (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips On How To Choose the Best Dimmer for LED Lights

1. Should Be LED Compatible

Before doing anything else, you will want to stick to the fundamentals.

This means going with a dimmer that is specifically LED compatible. Manufacturers tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to these matters because they realize the dimmer won’t work unless it is hooked with the right circuit.

If it is marketed for working with LED lights, you are going to be far better off than going with a traditional incandescent dimmer.

For those asking “Can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?” you should look to start here. It will shed a lot of light on whether or not the dimmer in front of you is fully compatible.

Can I Use An Incandescent Dimmer With LED Lights

2. Aim for 150 Watts

When asking “Can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?”, you should also have an eye on the overall power that can work with the dimmer.

Most dimmers are going to be set up to reach for 150 watts of power.

This is what you should be on the lookout for as well.

150 watts of power going through the circuit should be easy for the dimmer to handle when it comes to the overall power.

Look at how the dimmer is set up and how well it’s going to work with the LED lights.

In general, you want something that is going to have the ability to get to 150 watts. This is the only way it is not going to burn out or stop working at all.

Can I Use An Incandescent Dimmer With LED Lights

3. Look for Sensitive Adjustment Mechanism

Another detail to think about is whether or not there is a sensitivity mechanism in place when setting up the dimmer for LED lights.

A lot of property owners don’t realize this when they start wondering “Can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?” because most of the focus goes on the general metrics such as voltage.

However, you will want to make sure it is possible to adjust for sensitivity.

Sensitivity adjustment is essential in making sure the circuit continues to function as required once the dimmer is set up.

This can be done by trimming the dial below the cover plate.

This ensures you can make appropriate adjustments to the sensitivity while installing the new dimmer in your property.

If the wrong type of setting is in place, it might ruin the entire light fixture!

Related Questions

1. Can I Use An Incandescent Dimmer With LED Bulbs?

It is not recommended to use an incandescent dimmer with LED bulbs. In most cases, a standard or trailing edge dimmer works better with modern LED bulbs.

2. What is the Difference Between LED Dimmer and Incandescent Dimmer?

Incandescent dimmers are created to handle reduced voltage running through the circuit. While LED dimmers are specialized to handle a significant increase in voltage, which is common with LED bulbs.

Final Thoughts

“Can I use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights?”

It is not recommended to set up an incandescent dimmer with LED lights. It will not work because it can’t handle the voltage that is going to go through the circuit.

You will require a new-age dimmer that will work well in your specific setup with the LED bulbs.

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