Can Lava Lamps Go Bad? (And Which One To Buy!)

Lava lamps have become all the rage in recent times. They are aesthetically appealing unique, and offer a wide array of advantages for those who want an all-encompassing solution for their home. However, it is important to know what you are getting as soon as you invest in a new lava lamp. This begins by asking, can lava lamps go bad?

Lava lamps do go bad and will expire after 2000-2500 hours of usage. This will vary depending on the lava lamp’s size, build quality, and where it’s placed. At room temperature, it is generally going to last 2000 hours or so.

Always take the time to invest in a good lava lamp for your room to ensure it lasts. Otherwise, it won’t last for as long as you want!

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Lava Lamp
  • Type of Lava Lamp
  • Placement of the Lava Lamp

If you are wondering, “Can lava lamps go bad?” then it is best to realize a lot of the lava lamp’s durability will come down to what you are buying.

The wrong type of lava lamp isn’t going to last for a long time and is going to give out after a few months. This is why it is best to look at what you are buying and only go with a lava lamp that is ideal for your home environment.

This guide will look at the question “Can lava lamps go bad?” while also providing insight into what to look for when buying a new lava lamp for your home.

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Things To Consider When Buying a Lava Lamp

1. Exterior Material

You will want to begin with the exterior material.

If you are asking “Can lava lamps go bad?” then it will come down to the build quality. Remember, a lot of the issues people report has to do with the exterior cracking and/or not working as intended. This is an unfortunate problem with the room’s temperature fluctuates a lot.

As a result, you will want to go with a lava lamp that is made of a glass and/or aluminum build.

These materials will age gracefully and are going to hold up well when it comes to the general pressures of regular use.

Keep this in mind when asking “Can lava lamps go bad?” so you end up with a good-quality lava lamp that won’t break on you!

Can lava lamps go bad

2. Sizing

The size of the lava lamp isn’t something you are going to think about when it comes to durability. However, it is going to play a role in whether or not the lava lamp lasts for as long as you want it to.

Most lava lamps are going to last 2000-2500 hours but you will have to take a peek at the size.

A lamp that is smaller will end up lasting longer than one that is bigger. This has to do with the amount of power needed to keep the lava lamp running throughout the day or night.

The most durable lava lamp is often going to be somewhere between 10-16 inches in size.

Focus on choosing a lava lamp that is near the 14-inch mark.

This is going to look good, last for a long time, and continue to provide great illumination even as it grows older.

Can lava lamps go bad

3. UL Certification

UL-certified lava lamps are a great buy.

The reason has to do with the amount of testing needed to get this type of certification. The brand that is making the lava lamp isn’t going to go through the motions when it is time to release the product.

This means the lava lamp will last for a while.

UL Certification will often point towards a legitimate lava lamp that has been made with care and gone through rigorous safety testing before being released onto the market.

Look for UL-certified lava lamps and know you are getting something that will last.

This is an easy thing to look for and it is a good way to filter bad options out.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Know If My Lava Lamp Is Bad?

A lava lamp has gone bad when it doesn’t provide enough illumination, stutters, and/or doesn’t have the lava flowing as designed. This means the product has become defective and isn’t going to work as intended.

2. Why Has My Lava Lamp Stopped Working?

Lava lamps can stop working when the metal coil inside stops functioning and this causes the lava to not flow as desired. This is the most common reason for a lava lamp to suddenly stop working.

Final Thoughts

“Can lava lamps go bad?”

Lava lamps are a beautiful addition to any room but you will want to keep tabs on whether or not they go bad.

Most lava lamps will last for a while but they do go bad.

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