Can Portable AC Units Be Laid Down? (Answered)

Portable AC units are usually seen installed near windows.

This is the way most people see portable ACs and it’s common for them to be installed in such positions without taking up a lot of space.

However, you might wonder, can portable AC units be laid down?

Portable AC units cannot be laid down. This can compromise their efficiency and durability. It’s recommended to keep the portable AC in an upright position without blocking its vents.

If it is tilted to the side, this can damage the internal components and/or cause it to stop working entirely.

Be careful and always put the portable AC in a safe spot where it won’t be knocked over.

Here is a look at understanding how to set up a portable AC and why portable AC units cannot be laid down for extended periods.

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Can You Lay A Portable Air Conditioner On Its Side for Transport?

You cannot lay a portable air conditioner on its side for transport. You should also not place a portable AC upside down. This can ruin the internal components and cause the portable AC to stop working.

This appliance is specifically engineered to remain in an upright position.

The moment it moves, this can cause the components to move around and loosen. You have to do everything in your power to ensure the AC does not move from its upright position.

If you are planning on moving the portable AC, it’s best to have it placed in a secure spot. This includes setting it in one place and having items pressed against it to ensure the portable AC doesn’t budge.

If you are not careful during this step, it’s common for the unit to break down.

Just make sure to have it placed in a safe spot during the transportation phase. This will ensure it moves to the new location without being compromised.

can portable ac units be laid down

What Happens if You Lay An Air Conditioner On Its Side?

If you lay an air conditioner on its side, the unit can stop working. This is due to it being engineered to remain in an upright position as it would be used when on. If it is not in this position, the internal components can move and/or loosen. This will cause the unit to stop working properly.

Do not let this happen.

Your goal at all times is to make sure the air conditioner is in the right position. If you move it around too much, this can cause the components to break down.

Don’t let this happen and stay on top of things at all times.

This is the only way you can ensure the AC doesn’t break on you leading to serious repair work.

Do Air Conditioners Need To Be Stored Upright?

Air conditioners do need to be stored upright. This will ensure the structural integrity of the AC is not compromised. If it is stored on its side or upside down, the internal components can loosen. This might lead to serious damage.

Do not put the air conditioner in any other position than the way it is designed to be used.

If you don’t do this, it is likely the air conditioner is either going to break down or the components will stop working at 100% efficiency.

Don’t take the chance and make sure you are on top of things right away. It’s a must.

can portable ac units be laid down

How Do You Transport A Portable Air Conditioner?

To transport a portable air conditioner, keep it in an upright position during the move. This includes having items pressed against it and/or finding a way to hold the portable AC unit in one spot. You also don’t want it sliding around.

Find a way to make sure it stays in one place. This is why most people keep it in a large box, so the item itself is not harmed while being moved.

If you do this, the portable AC unit will be in good working condition.

Final Thoughts

Can portable AC units be laid down?

A portable AC unit cannot be laid down at any stage. This includes when it’s being transported from point A to point B. The reasons include damage to the internal components, loosened components, and/or reduced performance.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to setting up the portable AC unit.

Keep it in the position that you got it in. This is the only way the portable AC unit will work the way you want it to.

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