Can Recliners Go Against Wall?

Recliners are a beautiful addition to any room and will offer a comfortable seating arrangement for a long time to come. However, it’s important to understand what the right spot is for your recliner at home and which spot to avoid. With this in mind, it’s time to ask, can recliners go against wall?

It’s recommended to leave 5-10 inches of space between a wall and the recliner. This allows the recliner to lean back without damaging the wall.

The best course of action is to test how far back the recliner goes. Each design is unique and some don’t tilt as far back as one would assume.

Key factors include:

  • Amount of Reclining
  • General Layout of the Room
  • Room’s Decor

The goal has to be to make sure your recliner looks appropriate for the room. This is why asking “Can recliners go against wall?” is just one part of the equation.

You have to take the time to understand what looks best for the room. This includes how everything else in the room is going to look once the recliner is set up near a specific wall.

This guide is going to teach you more about the question “Can recliners go against wall?” along with what to think about when placing a recliner in your room.

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Tips On How To Place Your Recliner Against the Wall

1. Create a 5-10″ Gap

There is a general rule of thumb that applies to scenarios such as this.

You want to look at the wall and begin measuring from the base. In most cases, you are going to need to plan for at least a 5″ gap from the wall.

This is where the recliner is going to go.

If you bring it any closer, the recliner won’t work properly and it won’t recline without damaging the wall.

Please note, this is just a general figure and each recliner has a different set of requirements. This is why you have to take your time by testing the reclining feature to see how far back it goes before setting things up.

If you are asking “Can recliners go against wall?” then you are already on the right track.

Start with at least a 5-10″ gap in mind.

You can always make adjustments from this point as you begin to test the recliner.

Can Recliners Go Against Wall

2. Test the “Reclining” Feature

When asking “Can recliners go against wall?” you have to think about the seat itself.

Take the recliner and test how far back it goes.

You will want to take this measurement and then ensure there is enough space for that much reclining to take place.

Most seats will recline approximately 3-4″ but some can go all the way back if necessary. This makes testing the feature essential before deciding.

If this doesn’t happen, you are not going to be satisfied with how the recliner performs nor how it looks in that position.

You need to have a little bit of space between the recliner and wall at all times. Otherwise, you are going to end up damaging the wall over the long term!

3. Create Leg Room for the Recliner

A lot of people think about the back of the recliner and the wall.

Yes, this is essential, but what about the front of the recliner? Do you have enough space for the recliner to open up properly?

Make sure there is enough space in front of you!

It’s recommended to have at least 2-3 feet of space in front of the recliner to make sure it works properly.

With 2-3 feet of space, you are going to have enough leg room to sit comfortably without blocking the entire area.

This is all about knowing your recliner isn’t going to get in the way.

Too many people buy the wrong type of recliner and/or only think about one side of the seat. Make sure to think about both ends with a modern-day recliner.

Related Questions

1. How Far Does A Recliner Need To Be From The Wall?

It’s best to have at least a 5-10″ gap between the recliner and the wall for it to open fully. It’s recommended to increase this gap as much as possible for maximum comfort.

2. Where Should A Recliner Be Placed In A Room?

A recliner should be placed in an open area within a room. This allows for more open space and ensures the reclining feature works as intended.

Final Thoughts

Can recliners go against the wall?

There is nothing wrong about placing recliners near a wall but it should never be right against the wall. The reclining feature will not work if there’s limited space behind the recliner.

Make sure to aim for at least 5-10″ of space.

This will ensure the recliner functions as needed when a person leans back.

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