Can Roomba Clean Stairs? (Answered!)

Most commercials with a Roomba have it sliding across the floor. This is nice and automating the cleaning process in any fashion is a positive.

However, what about other parts of the house that are not as straightforward? You may wonder, can a Roomba clean stairs?

A Roomba cannot clean stairs as it can’t climb. If a Roomba is placed on a step, it will remain in the same place while bumping against the wall or railing.

To clean stairs with a robot vacuum, it would have to be moved manually.

This is why most people keep hand vacuums or traditional vacuums to clean staircases. This ensures the Roomba does the rest of the house while you clean up in places it can’t get to.

Here is a look at some of the reasons a Roomba can’t clean stairs.


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Reasons Roomba Can’t Clean Stairs

1. Can’t Climb

Roombas do have restrictions when it comes to movement.

Due to how a robot vacuum functions, it is not going to have the capability to climb heights. This includes even the smallest of heights such as transition strips.

The reason for doing this is to make sure nothing gets damaged while cleaning around the house. It’s a built-in safety mechanism that is a must for the robot vacuum to remain legally compliant.

As a result, anyone using the robot vacuum will know it can’t climb heights or steps.

Since the Roomba can’t climb heights, it is not going to be able to clean the steps either. It is a feature that is not currently possible.

If you do want to clean the steps with a Roomba, it will require having to move it manually. This is challenging and is going to be time-consuming as well.

It is a lot smarter to take a hand vacuum or traditional vacuum to clean the staircase. It will keep things simple and organized without taking up a lot of your time.

When cleaning the stairs with a Roomba, you will want to watch as it continues to clean the same step. It does this on purpose to make sure the device doesn’t fall and break. It’s a safety mechanism designed to keep it safe.

can roomba clean stairs

2. Will Keep Bumping Against The Wall

What happens if you place the Roomba on a staircase?

A lot of people worry the Roomba is going to start cleaning the step and then fall over the edge causing it to break.

This might have been a concern in the past but it is not an issue now. Newer models make sure to remain on the same step without falling.

The reason for this has to do with the safety sensors that are present inside the Roomba. It is the same sensors that let it know what is in front while coming up to furniture or a wall.

Roombas have sensors that can detect walls/railings ensuring it will continue to remain on the same step until it stops working or is manually removed.

If you place the Roomba on a step, it is not going to fall over.

In a lot of cases, it will continue to clean in the same spot until it turns off or is moved.

can roomba clean stairs

3. Too Tall

The height of a step is going to be one of the main reasons for a Roomba not being able to clean stairs.

The Roomba can’t get over the top of the step to continue cleaning. What this does is leave the Roomba in the same spot for as long as it runs.

Most steps are too tall making it impossible for a Roomba to go down a step or climb it.

This is a common concern that is not just seen with steps but any part of the house that is elevated from the floor a robot vacuum is on.

This height will make a difference, which means you will have to find another way to clean the stairs.

Related Questions

1. Does The Roomba Work On Stairs?

The Roomba does not work on stairs when it comes to climbing and cleaning them. On the other hand, the Roomba will clean each step if it is manually placed there.

2. What Does Roomba Do At Stairs?

When a Roomba is placed on a stair, it will begin cleaning that specific step before bumping against a wall or railing. It will continue to remain in the same spot until its battery runs out or you remove it from there.

Final Thoughts

Can a Roomba clean stairs?

Roombas cannot clean stairs as they cannot climb steps. In most cases, the Roomba will remain in the same spot until it is moved.

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