Can Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs? (Solved!)

Using a steam cleaner for bed bugs is an option most people are going to think about when it comes to finding a powerful solution to fix the issue.

You might try all sorts of solutions including vacuum cleaners, cleaning agents, and even getting rid of everything around the bed.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be enough to get rid of bed bugs.

As a result, you are going to have to start by figuring out whether or not a steam cleaner is useful in a situation such as this, Can a steam cleaner kill bed bugs?

A steam cleaner can kill bed bugs and is often used to remove existing pests in the bed. However, this is a temporary fix and it’s common for bed bugs to reappear after a few days.

If you can be consistent with the steam cleaning, it is possible to keep the bed bugs away. It simply comes down to your willingness to clean in this manner.

Here is a detailed guide on how to use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs.

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How To Use Steam Cleaner To Kill Bed Bugs

1. Remove The Sheets

A steam cleaner for bed bugs is a wonderful idea but you have to start by prepping the bed.

To do this, you will want to remove all of the bedsheets, comforters, and/or anything else that is sitting on top of the mattress.

These items will have to be removed and washed using hot water and a strong cleaning agent. Until then, you should not be using those bed sheets, pillows, or anything else that was in contact with the bed bugs.

When you do this, you will have a clearer path to removing the bed bugs using a steam cleaner.

Remember, you want to give the steam cleaner as good of a chance to remove the bed bugs as possible. This includes removing any bedding that is on top of the mattress beforehand.

During this time, it’s also recommended to inspect the mattress in greater detail. This will allow you to see where the real problem areas are.

2. Run On Highest Setting

You are now going to set the steam cleaner to the highest setting.

Look through the manual if this is your first time using the steam cleaner. Be patient with the process and learn how to use the steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs before implementing it as a removal solution.

When used the right way, you are going to see incredible results as soon as you want to see them.

3. Be Thorough

When using a steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs, you will have to be detailed.

This means going in small patches and working away at the mattress. This is how you are going to get all the way through and it will become easier to get rid of bed bugs that are spread across the bed.

Bed bugs are resourceful and difficult to get rid of.

This is why being thorough is mandatory. You are not going to have any other option when it comes to something like this.

If you are thorough, you are going to enjoy the results and it will work out as you want it to.

can steam cleaner kill bed bugs

How Long Does It Take Steam to Kill a Bed Bug?

It can take steam approximately 20 minutes to kill a bed bug. This is why running a steam cleaner on the highest setting for an extended period is highly recommended. It will ensure the bed bugs are removed.

Remember, this is not going to be a simple process.

You will have to take your time, inspect the bed repeatedly, and ensure all of the bed bugs are gone. If not, they are going to reappear quickly and that will waste your effort.

When using the steam cleaner, continue to adapt during the process. This includes paying attention to where the real problem areas are on the bed.

These are the pockets you will want to target in great detail.

Final Thoughts

Can a steam cleaner kill bed bugs?

A steam cleaner can kill bed bugs and will work well when looking to remove these pests. To do this properly, remove the bed sheets, turn the steam cleaner to the highest setting, and let it run for 20 minutes.

This will ensure the bed bugs are gone and will take a long time to come back.

If you are consistent with this part of the process, you are going to keep the bed bugs away for good.

20 minutes here and there will go a long way in keeping you happy and itch-free at night when resting on the bed.

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