Can The Kitchen Island Have A Different Countertop? (Solved!)

The kitchen island is central to how this space is defined.

It sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen and the house as a whole. This is why homeowners take their time focusing on the various elements found in this part of the house.

One of those elements would be the kitchen island and it starts by asking, can the kitchen island have a different countertop?

The kitchen island can have a different countertop and it often comes down to personal preference. It’s okay to mix and match materials, colors, or patterns as long as the theme of the kitchen is in harmony.

The best strategy is to sit down and plan the kitchen from top to bottom.

This includes how it is going to look, the theme you are going for, and how it is all going to come together once the kitchen island is set up.

Here are the factors to consider if you want a kitchen island that has a different countertop from the rest of the room.

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Things To Consider For Kitchen Island With A Different Countertop

1. Overall Theme of the Kitchen

It’s the theme of the kitchen that dictates how beautiful everything looks.

A kitchen island is in the center of the kitchen, which makes it easier to choose a different countertop. It won’t look out of place as long as the overall theme is kept in mind when designing this part of the house.

For example, you might choose to go with a different countertop (i.e. Formica) but still maintain the same color (i.e. white).

It’s a little change but the color of the material will ensure it flows. This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t mind having a different countertop of the kitchen island. It still can look aesthetically pleasing and work out as intended.

When you are doing this, always look at the overall theme.

This is a must as you have to realize the kitchen island is at the heart of the kitchen but it’s not the only component in play. You need everything to flow and it should not be jarring to the eye as soon as you scan across the kitchen.

This is a must.

can the kitchen island have a different countertop

2. Colors/Patterns

You will want to look at the kitchen island’s color scheme.

This means what type of color are you going to use for the kitchen island and its countertop. Not only do you want the island to look seamless but it should also work well with the rest of the kitchen.

If the countertops are off in color, this will ruin the aesthetic of the room.

In some cases, you may try to go for a more black and white contrast. This means the countertop in the middle is black while everything else is white or vice versa.

This can work as long as the two colors/shades contrast each other naturally.

The color or pattern can dictate how effective a different countertop does when it comes to the rest of the kitchen.

What you don’t want to be doing is going with one countertop being yellow and the other being white.

This is not going to work as well and might look odd.

can the kitchen island have a different countertop

3. Age of the Materials

When using a countertop that is different from the kitchen island, it is important to think about the age of the materials.

This means both of the countertops should look like they were installed at the same time.

What you don’t want is one countertop to be 10 years old and the other to be brand-new. This will lead to a contrast in cleanliness and that fading never looks good.

Research shows the biggest concern with using different materials is not the texture but the age. Both materials should look fresh for it to work well.

If you are going to do something like this, make sure the existing countertop in the kitchen is aesthetically pleasing and clean.

Otherwise, you might have to change that countertop too.

1. Does Island Countertop Have To Match?

The island countertop does not have to match. It can contrast the rest of the kitchen whether this is a different color, pattern, or even material. The goal is to focus on the overall theme of the kitchen and makes sure the island countertop doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Can You Change Kitchen Island Top?

You can change a kitchen island top but it can be a challenging DIY project. It’s recommended to have a plan in mind including the right power tools to help install the new countertop correctly.

Final Thoughts

Can the kitchen island have a different countertop?

You can have a kitchen island that has a different countertop. This can include different colors, patterns, and/or materials depending on what is preferred.

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